Robert M. Landolphi
Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook
Apr 2009
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Robert Landolphi’s Gluten Free Every Day provides a thorough and sophisticated introduction to the world and preparation of gluten-free foods. The cookbook acts as both a technical resource and inspiration, further expanding the gluten-free culinary experience with lists and descriptions of all variety of ingredients and preparations.
Whether they have to eat gluten-free because of Celiac disease or simply choose to, Landolphi’s readers will be more than satisfied with the recipe options available in this gluten-free primer, especially since it seems to make the restrictions of a gluten-free diet entirely disappear.

Frank McClelland and Christie Matheson
Wine Mondays: Simple Wine Pairings with Seasonal Menus
Oct 2008
The Harvard Common Press

Frank McClelland and food writer Christie Matheson here pass on the “Wine Mondays” tradition of McClelland’s renowned Boston-based L’Espalier, where the philosophy of wine-pairing is to drink what you like, and when you like, above all. Not only does Wine Mondays provide a much-needed demystification of the process of pairing wine and food (the rules are exquisitely simple), it features seasonally-tailored menus complete with course-by-course wine choices and explanations. Whether you’re looking to host a dinner party or picnic by the lake, the book’s recipes guarantee a sophisticated meal. And McClelland’s attention to detail will ensure you find the right wine to accompany it.

David Grotto, RD, LDN
101 Optimal Life Foods
Jan 2010
Bantam Books

Registered dietician David Grotto finds more than satisfaction or flavor in food—he finds restorative properties and the key to better health. Grotto follows up his highly successful 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life with this specifically targeted guide to better health. From common issues like wrinkled skin and haliotosis to infertility, Grotto comprehensively breaks down each topic, offering tips on the foods are most helpful in counteracting symptoms. The second half of the book contains recipes featuring these flavorful, nutritionally potent ingredients, helping the reader easily incorporate the right foods into his or her diet. In an age of rampant medication, childhood obesity, and fast food fixes, Grotto’s careful breakdown of nutrition and health is a timely and welcome resource.

Ardie A. Davis
25 Essentials: Techniques for Grilling
Mar 2009
The Harvard Common Press

Ardie A. Davis, the self-styled “doctor of barbecue philosophy” (or Ph. B.) offers up this valuable tool for any would-be griller intimidated by the variety of practices, equipment, and saucy accoutrements of grilling. Davis breaks down grilling techniques primarily according to the ingredients rather than the equipment, e.g. “Grilling Duck” (which requires indirect fire) versus “Herb Grilled Potatoes” (which require a grill basket). This makes the book easily navigable to the novice griller, though it is also an excellent resource for the seasoned griller, as it passes on a legacy of regional seasoning and preparations that have been culled over the lifetime of Dr. Davis.

Eric Ripert and Michael Ruhlman
A Return to Cooking
Nov 2002

"The more successful you become, the further you are taken from the work that made you a success in the first place, from what it was you most loved doing.” And so Eric Ripert, the chef of Le Bernadin, New York’s Mecca of seafood, takes a sabbatical from his kitchen and embarks on a journey to Puerto Rico, the Napa Valley, the Long Island shore, and the Vermont countryside, to become once more a “cook” for himself and his entourage of friends. The journey allows Ripert to celebrate local and seasonal produce and experiment with techniques, such as fireplace roasting, not available in a restaurant kitchen. Along the way Ripert combines 150 luscious recipes with mini-tutorials on technique. The book is accompanied by reproductions of exuberant paintings by Ripert’s friend, Columbian artist Valentino Cortazar

Rudi Sodamin
A Taste of Elegance
Jan 2010

Among his myriad other accomplishments, Master Chef Rudi Sodamin has helped define higher standards and expectations for cruise line cuisine. Besides being “the most highly decorated chef at sea,” Sodamin is an extremely well-traveled, sophisticated gourmet chef whose prolific talent brought him to great heights in his career from a very young age. With this second installment of the Holland America Line cuisine cookbooks, Sodamin shares the recipes and practices that make him such a sought-after chef at sea. Chef Sodamin also takes a big picture approach to the world of cruise cuisine, consulting corporations to get the highest quality product to the galleys of every cruise line kitchen. In The Taste of Elegance he offers a repertoire of the recipes and culinary building blocks that make cruise line cuisine work, examples of dishes that successfully transplant the gourmet standards from the land to the sea.

Clark Wolf
American Cheeses: The Best Regional, Artisan, and Farmhouse Cheeses, Who Makes Them, and Where to Find Them
Dec 2008
Simon & Schuster

Nearly thirty years after he helped open the landmark Oakville Grocery in San Francisco, Clark Wolf brings us this guide to the ever-expanding roster of fine American cheeses. Well before the inception of the slow-food and sustainability movements in American cuisine, Wolf had begun searching for a stable of homegrown artisan cheeses. When he began, most decent cheeses were imported from Europe. American-made cheeses were paler, cruder incarnations of their sophisticated cousins. Wolf was part of a small but growing trend to help mature American cuisine, in part by bringing the art of good cheese to American pastures, kitchens, and palates. Today, owing much to those efforts, Wolf is able to provide this guide and recipe book for the ever-expanding repertoire of sophisticated and richly satisfying American gourmet cheeses.

Chad Ward
An Edge in the Kitchen
Jun 2008
HarperCollins Publishers

An Edge in the Kitchen is the solution, an intelligent and delightful debunking of the mysteries of kitchen knives once and for all. If you can stack blocks, you can cut restaurant-quality diced vegetables.The knife is the most indispensable kitchen tool, and this book is the essential guide to everything you need to know about it. From choosing the right knife, to storing and sharpening it, to using it and even history on how kitchen knives have been shaped by culture—this useful volume is bound to turn any home cook into a pro.

Andrea Nguyen
Asian Dumplings: Mastering Gyōza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More
Sep 2009
Ten Speed Press

Food writer and teacher Andrea Nguyen has successfully translated many of the cooking styles and ingredients of Asian food for the West, and her latest book is no different. In Asian Dumplings, Nguyen demonstrates the hows and whys of dumplings from almost every dumpling-producing Asian country. From Philippine’s Lumpia to Malaysian Curry Puffs, Nguyen’s recipes span the globe, demystifying the narrow misconception of dumplings as the habitual contents of a Chinese food takeout container. Recipes for basic dough and detailed instructions for frying, steaming, and preparing all variety of fillings make this a culinary gold mine for dumpling aficionados and the uninitiated alike.

Ina Garten
Barefoot Contessa Family Style : Easy Recipes That Make Everyone Feel Like Family
Oct 2002
Crown Publishing Group

Ina Garten knows that the best meals are those where friends are so comfortable they feel like family--and family members feel so much more special. With that in mind, she has assembled yet another outstanding collection of beloved recipes that are easy to make and will delight everyone. With wonderful photos of Ina cooking in her home, as well as helpful menu suggestions and practical shopping tips, the volume is today's must-have guide to making everyday meals elegantly simple, and entertaining as warm and inviting as a family meal.

Kitty and Lucian Maynard
Best Recipes from American Country Inns and Bed & Breakfasts
Sep 2003
Thomas Nelson

The best crowd-pleasing recipes from widely acclaimed country inns and bed & breakfasts in the United States are collected in this unique cookbook and travel guide. More than 340 inns and 1,500 recipes are collected here, some from the finest chefs in America, while others represent the best in mouth-watering homestyle cooking.

Andrew Whitley
Bread Matters: The State of Modern Bread and a Definitive Guide to Baking Your Own
Oct 2009
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Award winning baker and ardent “real bread” advocate Andrew Whitley reissues this revealing indictment of industrial bread production at a time when more and more chefs are returning to house-made, local, and natural culinary practices. For the professional and home cook alike, Whitley demystifies the craft of bread baking, a craft which too many people casually entrust to the nutritionally bereft factory process. The first half of Whitley’s book exposes the unhealthy shortcuts of the efficiency-oriented process of industrial bread-making. Whitley explains how the prevalence of preservative-enhanced, chemically manipulated bread has taken a toll on the human diet. The second half of the book breaks down the process of natural bread baking, i.e. the traditional method that uses wild and cultivated yeasts, whole grains, natural and organic flours and generally unadulterated ingredients. Whitley invites his reader to take ownership of the bread he or she consumes from start to finish. All the while he makes the seemingly specialized world of bread not only accessible but native to preparation by the individual. Whether you bake or not, Whitley’s book will at least give you pause the next time you think to outsource your bread-baking to a factory.

Bruce Aidells and Dennis Kelly
Bruce Aidells’ Complete Sausage Book: Recipes from America’s Premier Sausage Maker
Sep 2000
Ten Speed Press

Perhaps one of the best-known purveyors and practitioners of everything sausage, Bruce Aidells brings his intimate knowledge of the world of cased and seasoned meats to the home cook. From the introduction on, Aidell’s sausage-philosophy bases itself in the myriad ethnic cuisines transplanted to modern America. With the historic influx of cultures and culinary traditions, the variety and availability of quality sausage has only expanded. Aidell provides the finishing touch, bringing sausage-making techniques, with casing, grinding, and seasoning options, to the home kitchen. The second half of the book is entirely devoted to recipes with sausage, where homemade sausage can go on a test run in any number of well-crafted, regional recipes.

John La Puma, M.D. and Rebecca Powell Marx
Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine: A Food Lover’s Road Map to Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, Getting Really Healthy
Apr 2008
Crown Publishing

Approaching food as a medicinal rather than simply gustatory resource, John La Puma and Rebecca Powell Marx provide a compendium of ingredients and recipes for readers in search of a more health-conscious culinary experience. Breaking down the macro and micronutrients that make food nutritionally valuable and their functionality to the body, the authors provide practical recipes as sort of counteractive prescriptions for the complacent modern eater. The recipes, with offerings ranging from “Curried Turkey Tenderloin with Penne and Roasted Asparagus” to “Garlicky Potato Salad with Spinach and Lemon,” are intended to counteract the chemical and pesticide-rich diet of preprocessed and refined foods. With diet plans and mini-tutorials on organic and processed foods, the book is a valuable resource in the crusade against thoughtless eating.

Cheryl and Bill Jamison
Chicken on the Grill : 100 Surefire Ways to Grill Perfect Chicken Every Time
May 2004
HarperCollins Publishers

Chicken on the Grill offers a gotta-have collection of grilled chicken recipes--from skewers and kebabs to rotisserie chickens, sandwiches, pastas, salads, along with 50 nifty ideas for boneless skinless chicken breasts. The Jamisons provide all the tips, tools, and techniques needed to make the most succulent, flavorful, grilled-to-perfection chicken you've ever tasted.

Susie Norris
Chocolate Bliss Sensuous Recipes, Spa Treatments, and Other Divine Indulgences
Oct 2009
Ten Speed Press

Pastry chef, instructor, TV producer, chocolatier, cookbook author and general guru of all things chocolate Susie Norris delivers a gem of a book dedicated to the culture and cuisine her favorite subject. Not only does Norris provide chocolate recipes to sate even the most demanding choco-philes, she offers an introduction to the world of chocolate that opens up the much-loved, if oft underestimated, ingredient to a wider appreciation. Norris wants her reader to get to know chocolate on a more intimate level, whether that reader is pastry chef, fellow chocolatier, or mere enthusiast; she offers instructions on setting up a “tasting flight” for chocolate after the fashion of wine and provides lists of online resources useful for purchasing and further education. In addition to a wealth of savory and sweet recipes featuring chocolate, Norris’ book delves into the varieties, origins, and uses of chocolate, as well as its health benefits, gift-giving potential, and topical quotes from fellow chocolate lovers.

Salvatore Calabrese
Cognac : A Liquid History
Mar 2002
Sterling Publishing

This beautifully illustrated and comprehensive work gives a geographical organization to the understanding and selection of Italian Wines. It can serve as an Italian Wine Atlas and travel guide as well as a wine selection handbook. At once, it is easy to learn of the best wines of each region and the best values as well.

Jean-Pierre Gabriel
Contemporary Cuisine: The Essentials
Jan 2011
Unilever Foodsolutions and Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Food photographer, journalist, and trained agricultural engineer Jean-Pierre Gabriel has written a culinary bible by way of science. At once catalogue and celebration of its subject, the encyclopedic book covers the tools, techniques, and overarching philosophy that inform modern gastronomy. “More than ever,” Gabriel says in his introduction, “today’s cuisine is all about the meeting of flavor and science.” If this is indeed the case, Gabriel’s book is its literary compliment. Gabriel approaches the “raw materials” (e.g. eggs, meat, fish) by way of technical insight into their perceived culinary properties (the white blotches on cooked fish are actually “coagulated albumin,” the result of the flesh’s enzymatic reaction to ageing). Gabriel goes on to cover the techniques, tools, contemporary ingredients, and themes of modern gastronomy, from rotary evaporators to transglutaminase to umami, fermentation, and low-temp cooking. Recipes from chefs like Sang-Hoon Degeimbre and Bart de Pooter are splayed out like the structure of a chemical compound, a further demonstration of a raw material, tool, or technique—and the perfect visual metaphor for Gabriel’s central thesis, that science and cuisine have been, and will continue to be, fundamentally interconnected.

Tony Hill
Contemporary Encyclopedia of Herbs and Spices : Seasonings for the Global Kitchen
Aug 2004
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

This exhaustive reference is packed with need-to-know information on more than 350 flavor-enhancing herbs and spices, from basic basil and bay leaves to Kaffir lime leaves, Tunisian five-spice powder, and other exotic seasonings and blends. Written by an international spice merchant who buys directly from growers and knows how to make the most effective use of seasonings, it features 200 color photographs plus descriptions that include Latin names, countries of origin, and guidelines–some with recipes–on how to cook with each seasoning.

Culinary Institute of America
Cooking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America
Sep 2003
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

2004 IACP Award Winner for Compilations Category; Now everyone can learn from the best, with Cooking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America. This complete–and completely approachable–illustrated guide gives home cooks an outstanding course in the essentials of cooking along with a wealth of irresistible recipes. Drawing on the CIA’s extensive expertise, it shares all the basic information on equipment, ingredients, and techniques needed to become a great cook, from proper knife skills to cooking methods such as braising, grilling, sautéing, and stewing. Readers learn the techniques step by step, with detailed instructions and extensive color photographs that clearly explain both what to do and how to do it.

Dale DeGroff
Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to be a Master Bartender, with 500 Recipes
Oct 2002
Random House Inc

Dale DeGroff, a superstar among bartenders, offers the most upscale, informative entertaining cocktail book yet, with 500 recipes, tempting color photos, and the wit and wisdom born of years behind the world's most inviting bars.

Fred Thompson
Crazy for Crab : Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Fabulous Crab at Home
Apr 2004
The Harvard Common Press

Marylanders worship soft-shell, Mainers are loyal to peekytoe, Floridians devour stone crab, Alaskans revel in king crab, and Pacific Northwesterners swear by Dungeness. But the truth is, crab is no longer just a regional dish, or even a seasonal one. Today all of the varieties, and more, are shipped to markets all over the country. And because at least one type of crab is always in season and you can get picked fresh crabmeat, as well as frozen and canned, throughout the year, crab fans never have to go without. In Crazy for Crab Fred Thompson begins with a comprehensive chapter on the basics of crab varieties and how to cook them, then launches into chapters of delectable recipes.

Mridula Baljekar
Curry Lover's Cookbook
Jun 2009

Curry Lover's Cookbook brings together an inspirational collection of recipes and shows just how easy it is to make delicious and authentic curries at home. The basics of curry making are fully explained with a useful guide to the elements of curries, along with information on spices, herbs, and different pastes to use.
Cybercafes : A Worldwide Guide for Travelers
Jan 1998
The Wandering Traveler

The perfect little directory for the "connected" traveler--someone who uses e-mail and the Internet while on the road--"Cybercafes" lists the top 25 Web travel links and 500 cybercafes worldwide where people can connect. Illustrations, maps & charts.

Daniel Johnnes
Daniel Johnnes's Top 200 Wines: An Expert's Guide to Maximum Enjoyment for Your Dollar
May 1996
Penguin Group (USA)

You don't have to be a wine expert to get a good deal on a great bottle. Without using stuffy, technical terms, award-winning wine director and importer Daniel Johnnes lays out all the basics you need to find today's best wine values.

Fiona Beckett
Eating & Drinking : An A-Z of Great Food and Drink Combinations
Jan 2009
M. Beazley

"Red meat, red wine; white meat, white wine." The old standbys of dining etiquette are downright laughable in the face of the amazing array of ingredients and influences that make up our diet today. This easy-to-follow A to Z lets you pair your meals with the perfect wine, beer, or spirit, even if you know nothing about vintages or vineyards. Just look up a dish or it's main ingredient to find its perfect complement.

Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith, and Michael A. Weiss
Exploring Wine, Second Edition : Culinary Institute of America's Complete Guide to Wines of the World
Sep 2001
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Culinary Institute of America's guide for both professionals and the public thoroughly covers wine making and tasting; wines of the new and old worlds; wine, food and health; and service, storing and purchasing.

Fearless Critic Media
Fearless Critic: Washington DC Area Restaurant Guide
Jan 2010
Fearless Critic Media

The Fearless Critic series is at it again, this time in Washington, DC, covering the best and worst culinary outposts in our nation’s capital. Fearless’ self-described “brutally honest” critics have visited 875 of D.C.’s dining destinations and evaluate them, no holds barred, in 500 pages of raw-toothed reviews. Everything that contributes to the overall restaurant experience is fair game for review, from the parking lot (where relevant) to the wine service (ditto). And the Fearless Critic writes for the diner above all, but that includes chefs themselves, e.g. when they head to Chinatown in search of crackling roast duck after service at their own up-market establishments. So chefs, line cooks, servers, and straight-up restaurant patrons alike should find this a handy and often hilarious guide to the dining possibilities in DC.

Aliza Green
Field Guide to Produce : How to Identify, Select, and Prepare Virtually Every Fruit and Vegetable at the Market
Mar 2004
Quirk Publishing

This practical guide to the world's most popular fruits and vegetables features more than 200 full-color photographs--plus detailed descriptions, selection tips, and guidelines on peeling, blanching, cooking, and eating. Award-winning chef Aliza Green describes everything you're likely to find at your local grocery store and farmer's market--from common cabbages and coconuts to more adventurous fare like chayote and cherimoya. Grocery shopping--and dinner--will never be the same again!

James Peterson
Fish & Shellfish
Apr 1996
HarperCollins Publishers

The seafood cookbook that's destined to become a classic, Fish & Shellfish offers a sprawling range of seafood recipes prepared every way: raw, marinated, cured, smoked, and cooked in every fashion under the sun. Readers also receive tips on buying and storing every type of fish, plus great advice on making sauces, pairing wines with dishes, and more. in color.

Mark Bittman
Fish:The Complete Guide To Buying And Cooking
Jan 1999
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Fish: The Complete Buying And Cooking is a book that simplifies, once and for all, the process of preparing fish.
Organized in an easy-reference, A-Z format, Fish gives you the culinary lowdown on seventy kinds of fish and shellfish commonly found in American supermarkets
and fish stores. Each entry describes how the fish is sold, other names it goes by, how the fish should look, and buying tips. ther are more than 500 recipes and
variations, all of which use low-fat, high-flavor ingredients to accent intrinsic natures of the fish rather than mask them.

Rocco DiSpirito
Nov 2003

In Flavor, DiSpirito shows readers how to create bold, intriguingly delicious food through combinations of ingredients both mundane and exotic. The cuisine is sophisticated but surprisingly easy for home chefs to replicate. Using the four flavors (sour, sweet, bitter, and salty) as basic building blocks, Rocco demonstrates how to combine and commingle flavors to create one-of-a-kind dishes.
2004 James Beard Award Winner for Cooking from a Professional Point of View

Deborah Krasner
Flavors of Olive Oil : A Tasting Guide and Cookbook
Sep 2002
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

2003 James Beard Award Winner - Single Subject Category; In The Flavors of Olive Oil, Deborah Krasner demystifies the world of olive oil. Olives-just like wine grapes-respond directly to variations in climate, soil, cultivation, and harvest, so each oil is unique. By classifying olive oil in four distinct groups (delicate and mild, fruity and fragrant, olivey and peppery, and leafy-green and grassy), Krasner guides readers through the different characteristics of more than 150 different olive oils, providing a step-by-step tasting guide to the flavors and aromas of each one. With notes on oils from Italy to Morocco to California, Krasner transports the reader to olive-oil-producing regions around the world.

Donna Hay
May 2002
Whitecap Books, Limited

From sweet to sour, piquant to mellow, Flavors is an intoxicating journey through fourteen delectable flavors: vanilla, lemon, lime, ginger, chili, garlic, onion, chocolate, salt, pepper, basil, mint, cinnamon, and spice. Each chapter invites you to enliven your senses by exploring the origins of these aromatic ingredients, in simple preparations, and with more complex, mouth-watering recipes.

Patricia Wells
Food Lover's Guide to Paris, 4th edition
Apr 1999
Workman Publishing Company, Inc.

An inveterate explorer of all things culinary, Patricia Wells brings us the very best of Paris: not only unforgettable evenings in her foolproof selection of restaurants, bistros, and cafes, but the places to find the flakiest croissants, earthiest charcuteries, sublimest cheeses, most knowledgeable wine merchants, gleaming pots and pans, and the holy grail of breads, pain Poilane.

Delores Custer
Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera
Jan 2010
John Wiley & Sons

With more than thirty years of experience in the business, Delores Custer knows how to make food look good for the camera. And in an industry that relies so heavily on print and online-visuals, the art of the food stylist is in high demand. Would-be food stylists, whether total amateurs or active professionals, couldn’t ask for a better guide than Custer, whose extensive career included heavy-hitters like General Mills, Bacardi, and Cuisinart, and who has previously taught her craft at NYU, the CIA, and ICE. The book is entirely, and exhaustively practical, covering everything from the history of the craft to getting your first job to organizing storyboards, exaggerating appetizing visuals, and building a kit of various, and surprising, food-styling tools. Whether she’s giving advice on how to get the best “cheese pull” for a pizza commercial (pre-slice the dough), suggesting hair grooming lotion as a perfect visual substitute for milk (it’s highly toxic), or troubleshooting styling issues for everything from pasta to meat to pastry, Custer’s advice is detailed, thorough, and generous—proof of a long, successful career in the industry making food look as good as, and often better than, it tastes.

Peter Mayle
French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew
Apr 2002
Random House Inc

A joyous exploration and celebration of the infinite gastronomic pleasures of France. Ranging far from his adopted Provence, Peter Mayle now travels to every corner of the country armed with knife, fork, and corkscrew. He takes us to tiny, out-of-the-way restaurants, three-star Michelin wonders, local village markets, annual festivals, and blessed vineyards. Includes a few recipes.

Rochelle Davis and David Joachim
Fresh Choices : More than 100 Easy Recipes for Pure Food When You Can't Buy 100% Organic
Apr 2004
Rodale Press, Incorporated

Buying organic foods is a great way to protect your family's health and the health of our planet. But organic foods are not always readily available and often cost more than conventional products. Fresh Choices shows that there is an easier and less expensive way to create wholesome and satisfying meals and still adhere to your health and environmental principles.

Larry O. Knight
Front of the House: What Every Chef Must Know
Jan 2011
Xlibris Corporation

Larry Knight has worked as a dishwasher, busboy, waiter, Maitre’D, and Senior Butler. In his books he culls together years of knowledge to distill exactly what goes into making restaurant service exceptional. While the title implies the book is a resource for chefs, the content would more likely benefit front-of-house employees and restaurateurs. Knight focuses primarily on the work of a server: serving techniques, proper etiquette, responsibilities by profession, and miscellaneous need-to-knows. The book might be more aptly titled “What Every Restaurant Owner Must Force His Staff to Read” but there is no denying that the knowledge Knight has to offer is of an inestimable value.

Joe David
Gourmet Getaways: 50 Top Spots to Cook and Learn
Jan 2010
GPP Travel

Joe David has done his fair share of traveling and eating, and this, his fifth book, is a testament to his skill and passion as a culinary traveler. For Gourmet Getaways, David has traveled the country in search of vacations for the foodies among us. Rather than simply eating crab poolside at a resort, David’s getaways put culinary adventurers like himself into the kitchen of some of the country’s most interesting and diversified culinary schools. From the Northeast to the Southwest and everywhere in between, David has scoured the countryside for culinary school programs to pique a variety of cooking interests and skill levels. Heavy-hitters like the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park offer a one-day boot camp, taught by actual staff, for a taste of the CIA experience, or a five-day program for those interested in learning the fundamentals of classic cuisine. But David’s recommendations go well beyond the marquee stars of culinary school. Blair House Inn Cooking School in idyllic Wimberly, Texas offers a fun, pleasure-filled foray into the basics of cooking, with six or seven main techniques anchoring the three and five-day class programs, while Chef Hugh Carpenter’s Camp Napa Culinary program offers travelers a hands-on experience of culinary bounty of Napa—transcending the typical tourist experience. Background on each school’s philosophy, complete with course descriptions, sample recipes, and staff biographies will help the wanderlust-ing foodie or vacationing chef choose which program is right for them.

Mark Bittman
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
Oct 2007
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

With more than 2,000 recipes, this collection runs the gamut from soups, to sauces, to desserts, and anything you could imagine in between. Even non-vegetarians will want to try the simple yet creative dishes. Many of the recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less and all are accessible even to a novice. The book includes guidelines to make cooking vegetarian as intuitive as cooking with meat. Like his now classic How to Cook Everything, this book opens with terrifically useful, straightforward discussions of essential ingredients, appliances and techniques, which Bittman builds on throughout in to-the-point sidebars and illustrated boxes.

Jancis Robinson
How to Taste : A Guide to Enjoying Wine
Nov 2008
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

This volume serves up absolutely everything you need to know about the grapes and wines themselves: theory sections offer invaluable information, and accessible sipping exercises featuring affordable wines let you put your newfound knowledge to work. An ideal primer for budding wine lovers.

Dawn Davis
If You Can Stand the Heat : Tales from Chefs & Restaurateurs
Oct 1999
Penguin Group (USA)

Whether you are seriously considering making a career out of your passion for the kitchen or you're an armchair foodie, If You Can Stand the Heat is essential reading. This informative and dishy insider's collection of interviews with some of the country's leading chefs and food professionals shows what it takes to make it in the world of food, and helps answer such questions as: What are the first steps in opening up a restaurant? What can I expect if I make a mid-life career change?

Editors of Cook's Illustrated
Italian Classics
Apr 2007
America's Test Kitchen

2003 IACP Award Winner! Single Subject Category; This cookbook provides 337 recipes covering the wide range of Italian cooking. All of the recipes have been tested again and again to ensure that they are foolproof. In addition to recipes, this in-depth volume also provides answers to the questions that home cooks face every day. Italian Classics also contains more than 200 illustrations that show you how to shape pizza, roast peppers, hack up chicken for chicken stock, prepare artichokes, and assemble tiramisu. No-nonsense equipment ratings are also included--find out which cheese graters work best and what to look for when shopping for a chef's knife.

Karen Solomon
jam it, pickle it, cure it: And Other Cooking Projects
Apr 2009
Ten Speed Press

For the cook or chef not content to use store-bought, pre-made jams, butters, ricotta or mayonnaise comes this handy resource – a how-to on 75 culinary craft projects. Self-appointed “food tinkerer” Karen Solomon here shares her hard-won knowledge on the best recipes for all manner of kitchen comestibles, from gravlax to peanut butter cups to good old-fashioned mayonnaise. With a firm belief in the superior value of homemade, Solomon provides alternatives for most of America’s condiment and staple favorites, along with serving and packaging recommendations, should you intend to use your lemon curd or kimchee as a gift. Not only is the result a fun and useful book, but it infects the reader with serious culinary curiosity.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson's Guide to Wine Grapes
Oct 1996
Oxford University Press, USA

A superb guide to wine grapes, by one of the world's leading authorities, this volume covers over 850 grapes, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc, to Trebbiana, Muller-Thurgau, and Rkatsiteli. It doubles as an informative buuying guide, telling readers everything they need to know to make an informed decision to buy or pass.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson's Wine Course
Apr 2006
Abbeville Press, Incorporated

One of the world's most respected wine writers provides an introduction to the enjoyment of wine and an overview of the wines of the world in this companion volume to the acclaimed television series. Full of infectious enthusiam and lots of personal tips, this book will soon have you reaching for the corkscrew. 300 full-color illustrations.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson's Wine Course, Second Edition
Apr 2006
Abbeville Press, Incorporated

Designed to ensure that you get the most out of every glass, the Wine Course explains how to taste and store wine, suggests what to serve at home, and reveals how to order the best-value bottles in a restaurant. Full of infectious enthusiasm and lost of personal tips, this book will soon have you reaching for the corkscrew.

Kevin Zraly
Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the Word Complete Wine Course: The 25th Anniversary Edition
Mar 2011
Sterling Publishing

Four decades in the business of wine—from tasting and pairing as a professional cellar master to educating the next generation—means Kevin Zraly isn’t just an authority on wine—he’s an eno-expert. But that doesn’t stop the somm-instructor extraordinaire from expanding upon his quarter-century-tested tome with new information, resources, and guidance. Without disturbing the eight essential classes of his Windows on the World Wine School, Zraly has successfully updated his instructional guide to “one-stop-shopping” status. It’s comprehensive, well-organized, and rich with personal and professional experiences in the often intimidating world of wine education. Zraly breaks down regions, varietals, blends, and even the styles within those categories. He asks the right questions (e.g. “How do I buy a red Rhone wine?” and “What’s the difference between a $100 Beerenauslese and a $200 Beerenauslese (besides a hundred bucks)?”) and gives the right answers, with regional, varietal, and blend exemplars alongside to give a face, or label that is, to a name. Zraly’s brand breakdowns, price point comparisons, and “Best Bets” within a varietal ensure you’ll always be drinking in the right direction—whether it’s Hungarian Tokaji or a classic French Bordeaux. Bottoms up!

Librairie Larousse
Larousse Gastronomique : The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia, Revised Edition
Oct 2009
Crown Publishing Group

This extensively revised edition features 200 new recipes (3,500 in all), 400 new reference entries, new full-color photographs, a handy ribbon marker, and an appealing, contemporary new design and package. And, for the first time ever, entries on American cuisine!

Le Cordon Bleu
Le Cordon Bleu Wine Essentials
Jan 2001
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

From one of the world's leading cooking schools, expert advice and professional secrets to buying, storing, serving and drinking wine for the everyday wine lover. The book also includes a behind-the-scenes look at winemaking, building a well-balanced wine collection, and practical advice on investing wine.

Jim Tarantino
Marinades : Dry Rubs, Pastes and Marinades for Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Cheese and Vegetables
May 2006
Ten Speed Press

In this outstanding collection of heart-healthy recipes, Tarantino re-creates marinades and flavoring pastes from all over the world and provides instructions for preparing delicious seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables and cheese--indoors and out. 190 recipes, with helpful marinading charts.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's Bar & Cocktail Companion : The Connoisseur's Handbook
Aug 2004
Running Press Book Publishers

World-renowned authority Michael Jackson provides quintessential recipes for more than 250 cocktails. This essential barside manual comes complete with an A-Z reference to the world's greatest drinks and complete descriptions of bartending equipment and their uses. Whether you'd like to test your courage with an Earthquake or mix a superb Martini, the perfect drink is never far away with this connoiseur's guide at hand.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's Beer Companion: Second Edition Revised and Updated
Jan 2002
Running Press Book Publishers

From the critically acclaimed Beer Hunter, comes this award-winning classic, with entirely updated information on two new beer styles (Leipzig Gose and Helles), American ales, Lambics and fruit beers, wheat beers, international ales, porters and stouts, lagers and specialty brews. Also features a recipe section highlighting foods that complement beer.

Cernelli, Daniele and Sabellico, Marco
New Italy : A Complete Guide to Contemporary Italian Wine
Mar 2008
Mitchel Beazley

Give a toast to the best, most up-to-date, and beautifully photographed reference on Italian wines! The New Italy explores every signifcant development in the country's wine scene, widely considered one of the world's most complex. It gives readers a comprehensive and thorough look at all the country's key wine types, from Barolo, Chianti, and Montepulciano to Sangiovese and the champagne-like sparkling Prosecco. An introduction to Italy's wine styles and winemaking methods is followed by a region-by-region tour of vineyards, from Piedmont in the north to Calabria in the south. Full-color specially commissioned maps, details of the appellations and grape varieties, background on climate and geography, and profles of the leading producers round out this lively portrait.

Zagat Survey
New York City Marketplace 2004
Jun 2003
Zagat Survey

2004 New York City Marketplace is packed with ratings and reviews of New York City's best food and entertaining resources. Rating everything from bagel shops to beer specialists, caterers to cake decorators, prepared food places to pasta purveyors, this guide includes nearly 1,300 establishments, more than 60 lists and indexes and a bonus section for party sites.

Zagat Survey
New York City Nightlife 2004/2005
Apr 2004
Zagat Survey

What lies beyond the velvet ropes of New York City's most exclusive nightspots? What's the hottest dance club of the moment, the best place to taken an important client for a drink, the most romantic choice for popping the question? You'll find all that information, plus much more, in this Zagat Survey of New York City Nightlife, from the publishers of the country's best-selling restaurant guides. Based on the opinions of over 5,000 in-the-know night crawlers, this guide takes you on an insider's tour of the City That Never Sleeps, rating and reviewing over 1,100 establishments and offering practical indexes to help you make the right choice for any occasion.

Anthony Bourdain
No Reservations
Oct 2007

With No Reservations, itinerant-foodie-extraordinaire and charmingly churlish cultural commentator Anthony Bourdain serves up a surprisingly intimate journal of his culinary travels around the world. The book, which accompanies the eponymous and wildly successful television show, juxtaposes the breathtaking and the familiar, with photographs of the exotic and extraordinary alongside shots of cast and crew captured between takes in filming. Bourdain provides pithy descriptions and eloquent recollections (delicately laced with his characteristic wit) of every destination, from Java to Sicily to Namibia. Crackling with humor and raw, popping visuals, No Reservations is a testament to the admixture of reverent fascination and plain-spoken honesty that characterizes Bourdain and company as they take on the privilege, and responsibility, of imparting some small part of the world’s culinary and cultural riches to the rest of us, miserably homebound and hungry.

Doug Frost
On Wine : A Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Tells All
Oct 1901

One of three people in the world holding both the titles of Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, Doug Frost here gives a straightforward approach to Wine. It is both a perfect introduction for novices and a resource for more experienced oenophiles.

Patricia Wells
Paris Cookbook
Nov 2001
HarperCollins Publishers

Celebrated author of Foodlovers' Guide to Paris and French food authority Patricia Wells explores the mouth-watering food of Paris in this unique collection of recipes, resources, and tips.

Evan Goldstein
Perfect Pairings A Master Sommelier's Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with Food
May 2006
University of California Press

Perfect Pairings, by well-known Master Sommelier and respected restaurant industry veteran Evan Goldstein, provides straightforward, practical advice for choosing the right bottle for each meal. The quintessential resource for matching wine and food, this book includes 58 companion recipes developed by celebrated chef Joyce Goldstein that showcase each type of wine. Perfect Pairings combines in-depth explorations of twelve grape varietals, sparkling wines, and dessert wines with guidance about foods that enhance the wide range of styles for each varietal.

Mai Pham
Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table: Recipes and Reminiscenses from Vietnam's Best Market Kitchens, Street Cafes, and Home Cooks
Jul 2001
HarperCollins Publishers

From Vietnamese markets, noodle shops, and home kitchens, chef and restaurateur Mai Pham assembles delicious recipes, all capturing the fresh, exotic flavors of this vibrant land. All are authentic, accessible, and easy to create in an American kitchen. Filled with enchanting stories and photographs, as well as an ingredient glossary and source guide, Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table is a delightful introduction to a distinctive cuisine. With Vietnamese restaurants opening all over the country and tourist travel to Vietnam booming, more Americans are eager to cook this unique cuisine.

Richard Mayson ; Forword by Johnson, Hugh
Portugal's Wines and Winemakers : Port, Madeira & Regional Wines
Dec 1998
Wine Appreciation Guild, Limited

A comprehensive guide to all of the wines and regions of Portugal with emphasis on new premium table wine producers. Exciting new information on little known grape varieties with good insights into the people, the traditions and trade practices. Chapters devoted to Portugal’s fortified wines, the great wines of Madeira, Moscatel de Setubal and of course Port

Ralph Brennan, with Gene Bourg
Ralph Brennan’s New Orleans Seafood Cookbook
Apr 2008
Vissi d'Arte Books

Much more than just seafood recipes, this book is a complete guide to preparing seafood, accessible to a beginner as well as suitable for an expert. There are detailed instructions on how to select, handle, and properly cook virtually every kind of seafood—down to directions on how to determine your fillet’s level of “doneness”—and a helpful appendix of ingredient sources in Louisiana and elsewhere. Full of excellent photographs, this book has everything you need to know, from appetizers to the wine that will perfectly complement your Fried Soft-Shell Crabs.

Barbara Ostmann and Jane Baker
Recipe Writer's Handbook, Revised and Expanded
Jan 2001
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Offering comprehensive guidance on the essential elements of the recipe-writing art, this useful reference provides complete and proven guidelines for recipe testing and writing, from format, syntax, spelling, and terminology to weights and measurements, and presentation.

Christian F. Puglisi
Ten Speed Press
Ben Howkins
Rich, Rare, and Red : A Guide to Port, New Edition
Oct 2003
Wine Appreciation Guild, Limited

Revised and updated third edition of the established standard book on Port. Long the Port guide for The International Wine and Food Society and required reading for the Wine Education Trust diplomas. As the world demand and prices for Port continue to climb, as new Quintas and shippers emerge, updated information from an established authority becomes indispensable. The fascinating history of the region and the trade along with detailed descriptions of the viticulture and winemaking techniques are covered.

Ryan Farr with Jessica Battilana
Sausage Making: The Definitive Guide with Recipes
Chronicle Books
Shannon Bennett
Shannon Bennett’s New York: A Personal Guide to the City’s Best
Mar 2011
The Miegunyah Press

As New Yorkers, rarely feels the need to thumb through a city guide—we’re pretty sure we’ve got it licked. When we’re asked to contribute, on the other hand, we’ve got more than a mouthful to share. Of course most of what’s amazing about the incredible guide that Chef Shannon Bennett of Vue de monde in Melbourne has culled together from years experience and culinary know-how is the breadth of his contacts and experience. Flipping through the pages of Shannon Bennett’s New York is like revisiting a published urban Facebook and getting a fresh look at old friends.

Rod Phillips
Short History of Wine
Nov 2002
HarperCollins Publishers

New in paper! Entertaining and accessible, this guide illuminates the meaning of wine through the ages?which like gold, has consistently generated passions that verge on mania.

Patrick Martins and Ben Watson
Slow Food Guide to New York City: Restaurants, Markets, Bars
Sep 2003
Chelsea Green Publishing

The Slow Food Guide to New York City celebrates the foods and cuisines of the city's finest restaurants, green markets, specialty food shops, bars, and late-night spots. What all these places share is a commitment to the values of the international Slow Food movement: Artisanship, Conviviality, Eco-Gastronomy, Freshness, Sustainability, Tradition, and Typicality.

Ellie Krieger
So Easy Luscious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week
Nov 2009
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Nutritionist and Food Network host Ellie Krieger views her work as not only changing the way people eat, but how they live. First with her show “Healthy Appetite,” and now with her new book, Krieger sends the message that a healthy gourmet lifestyle is not only attainable, it’s easier to achieve than you think. Starting with a pantry list primer to outfit every kitchen, Krieger offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes of varying levels of intricacy – from grab and go to dinner party – that promise to satisfy body and soul alike. Krieger puts all of her recipes squarely in the framework of “delicious-healthy-easy,” a trifecta of qualities that make each one of her 150 recipes a surefire success in terms both culinary and practical.

Dale DeGroff
The Essential Cocktail
Oct 2008
Clarkson Potter

In The Essential Cocktail, patron saint of mixology Dale DeGroff provides the definitive handbook for any amateur or professional bartender. DeGroff has drawn from his decades of experience behind the bar and compiled simplified – but by no means dumbed-down – recipes for every fundamental classic and modern cocktail that should be in any serious mixologist’s repertoire. DeGroff provides comprehensive recipes based on his years of experience, as well as situational advice, like how to scale up a margarita in party situations or where it is appropriate to make your own drink variations on the classics. What’s more, DeGroff includes the history and lore of each drink, along with personal anecdotes, favorite riffs and advice to make the reader a better bartender. DeGroff is one of today’s foremost authorities on cocktails, and his latest book is a great gift to inspire and educate both professionals and non-professionals alike.

Linda Ziedrich
The Joy of Pickling: 250 Flavor-Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or Market
May 2009
The Harvard Common Press

In a culinary era that emphasizes sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients, no kitchen – professional or home – should be without a good pickling resource. Not only does pickled produce provide an alternative for the abundance of a season’s harvest, but the pickle itself acts as a sharp, sweet, and variously tangy gustatory flourish on plates worldwide. Luckily for both the eco- and palette-conscious cook, Linda Ziedrich’s revised The Joy of Pickling provides a treasure of pickling recipes accessible to even a modestly equipped kitchen. As much a pickling world tour as a recipe book, The Joy of Pickling provides a complete breakdown of pickling ingredients, methods and varieties that will enable any cook to transform a favorite fruit or vegetable into a delectably seasoned pickle.

Maricel E. Presilla
The New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural and Natural History of Cacao with Recipes
Nov 2009
Ten Speed Press

With a background in cultural anthropology and a native familiarity with cacao production, Maricel Presilla brings both an expert’s authority and a life’s experience to this comprehensive guide to chocolate. Combining its rich cultural history with its evolution through the ranks of modern production, Presilla makes chocolate as we know it a full-fledged centerpiece for the culinary library. Especially in an age of origin-conscious cooking, Presilla’s discussion of cacao farming, including its genetic varieties and agricultural prospects, provides an invaluable link between the chef or pastry chef and his or her cacao source. And a further discussion of cacao’s many flavors and the influences that ultimately affect the finished product will further educate the chef on how to choose from among the increasing variety of single-origin and single-variety chocolates available in the marketplace. Presilla provides recipes that span the gamut from updated Mayan Kekchi Cacao-Chile Balls to Valencian-inspired Chilled Cacao-Almond Horchata, describing the impact and usage of the particular chocolate in each preparation. And a professional glossary and resource index in the back of the book allow chefs to source cacao products to suit their particular culinary needs.

Rebecca Wood
The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia : A Comprehensive Resource for Healthy Eating
Jan 1999
Penguin Group (USA)

To a large degree, the quality of what we eat determines our health, and many cultures understand that food is the best medicine for what ails us. Arranged alphabetically, fully cross-referenced and indexed, and illustrated with line drawings, The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia provides information on how to select, prepare, store, and use medicinally more than 1,000 common and uncommon whole foods, from acorn to zucchini and aduki (a healthful Japanese bean) to zapote (a tropical fruit). Sidebar anecdotes, unique recipes, historical background, and a complete glossary of terms also contribute to the book's modern, user-friendly format.

Jeff Cox
The Organic Cook’s Bible: How to Select and Cook the Best Ingredients on the Market
Apr 2006
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

More than 250 recipes, a guide to more than 900 varieties of organic produce, and sections on every possible kind of organic food make this the essential guide to organic food. Easy to use and in-depth, this book can teach you everything from how to grow your own organic vegetables to cooking with them. The most comprehensive, authoritative organic foods guide available. Flavorful, nutritious meals begin with flavorful, nutritious ingredients. They also begin with knowledge. If you want to learn about and enjoy the benefits of organic foods, this book is an essential resource that will make it easier to "go organic" by helping you "know organic."vCovering fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, spices, and more, The Organic Cook's Bible expertly addresses the what, where, when, how, and why of choosing and using more than 150 types of organic foods.

Jeff Cox
The Organic Food Shopper’s Guide
Mar 2008
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Ever wonder why you should choose organic food over its conventional alternatives? With a chapter on every category, from vegetables to kitchen staples, and recipes for just about everything, Cox explains why organic is the best option, as well as when and where to look for organic food.

Amelia Saltsman
The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook
Aug 2007
Blenheim Press

In Saltsman’s own words, this book is intended “to offer novice and market-savvy shoppers a seasonal guide to both familiar and exotic crops, with tips on how to select, store, and prepare these interesting finds.” If you have ever been overwhelmed by the array of foods at a farmer’s market, this volume will help you make sense of the produce. The easy-to-prepare recipes, like Penne with Winter Greens, Potatoes, and Cheese, showcase the wonderful fresh ingredients that you can find at your own local farmer’s market.

Dan Barber
The Third Plate
The Penguin Press
Chris Schlesinger
The Thrill of the Grill : Techniques, Recipes, & Down-Home Barbecue
Jun 1990
HarperCollins Publishers

Gone are the days when grills were considered only for hamburgers and hot dogs. The authors of the lively book make grilling exotic with spicy, taste thrills such as Duck Steak with Cumin, Molasses and Ancho Chili Glaze, and Jerk Chicken with Banana Guava Ketchup. The Thrill of the Grill is the taste of things to come. More than 200 recipes. Illustrations.

Karen MacNeil
The Wine Bible
Feb 2000
Workman Publishing Company, Inc.

This books is a lively course from an expert teacher, grounded deeply in the fundamentals and enriched with passionate opinions, asides, tips, anecdotes, definitions, glossaries, illustrations, maps, charts and wine labels—everything, in fact but the actual bottle of wine itself. Beginning with the basics of mastering wine—how to taste with focus and build a wine-tasting memory, understanding the subtle interplay of variety, vineyard and vintner and demystifying the issue of vintages—it covers the essentials.

Editors of Sur La Table with Rick Rodgers
Tips Cooks Love
Oct 2009
Andrews McMeel

The Sur La Table cooking series offers this neat little guide as a gift to its readers, and a handy gift it is, with over 500 tips touching on almost every topic in basic cuisine. The fundamentals of cooking could reasonably fill several tomes and then some, but the editors at Sur La Table have gathered the essential cooking tips for their readers in this accessible and useful guide. Every major cooking technique, from roasting to braising to grilling and beyond, is discussed here, as are the fundamentals of temperature control, substitutions, and equipment. Because its written up in alphabetical order, with entries for “cheesecake” followed by “cheesecloth,” “chef’s torch,” and “chemical leaveners,” the reader—or cook in need of immediate guidance—can skip around the book as they like, jumping from topic to topic as they hone their cooking skills with each new entry.

Tom Stevenson
Tom Stevenson's Champagne and Sparkling Wine Guide : 4th Edition
Feb 2002
Wine Appreciation Guild, Limited

Pop this open for your next celebration, whether it's a late night back of the house party or a toast to successful holiday season service. This handy pocket edition of Tom Stevenson’s guide to Champagne covers the basics of how sparkling wine is made, how to store and serve sparkling wines, and includes a helpful list of styles, basic divisions of sweetness, vintage and non-vintage, grape varieties, color and degree of mousse (bubbly foam). An ideal gift for the bubbly-imbiber in your life.

Ultimate Liquor-Free Drink Guide : More than 325 Drinks with No Buzz, but Plenty of Pizzazz!
Jan 2002
Broadway Books

From the author of Ultimate A-to-Z Bar Guide comes this all-encompassing guide to every kind of non-alcoholic drink.
The most complete book of its kind, The Ultimate Liquor-Free Drink Guide offers a refreshing oasis for the millions of readers who prefer zero proof but are tired of being relegated to seltzer and lime. In her thorough, accessible style, Sharon Tyler Herbst presents a delicious array of beverage alternatives, covering 325 non-alcoholic drinks with authority and verve.

Featuring tips on glassware, measurements, and ingredients, The Ultimate Liquor-Free Drink Guide gives readers every detail they need to know for mixing perfect drinks year-round. In winter months, snuggle up with homemade egg-nog, Hot White Chocolate, or Spiced Cream Tea. Warmer weather invites Watermelon Whirl, trendy Bubble Tea, Iced Cafe Creme Brulee, as well as a host of spritzers, shakes, and ades. Herbst even includes a chapter on energizing nutrition boosters. Virgin versions of popular bar drinks are covered, ranging from zesty Sangrita to soothing Mint Julep Tea. For anyone seeking a boost without the booze, there's never been a better book.

Thomas Keller
Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide
Nov 2008

One small step for Thomas Keller…one great leap for sous vide. With Under Pressure, Keller has made a compelling—and very pretty!—case for the technique which continues to be misunderstood by chefs and diners across the country. A joint effort by Keller and acclaimed chefs Jonathan Benno, Corey Lee, and Sebastien Rouxel, Under Pressure details the whys and hows of sous vide (one of the preferred cooking methods at The French Laundry, Bouchon and Per Se) and charts a detailed list of foods that will and will not benefit from the technique. Not to mention Deborah Jones’ lush, high-contrast photographs of vacuum-packed foods, raw ingredient shots, and exquisitely plated dishes are high-art visions that stand alone. Keller’s thorough examination of sous vide cooking coupled with his status as an icon of American cuisine legitimizes this modern technique and makes this the definitive treatise on the subject.

Laura Catena
Vino Argentino: An Insider's Guide to the Wines and Wine Country of Argentina
Jan 2010
Chronicle Books

What does an emergency room physician do in her spare time? Well, if she has spare time, she eats, sleeps, or divides twenty minutes between the two. Not Laura Catena. As if being a doctor in one of the highest pressure realms of medicine isn’t challenge enough, Catena is fully ensconced in the Argentine wine world, a burgeoning but comparatively underexposed player in New World winemaking. Who better than Catena to give Argentine viticulture its due? Wine is her family legacy—her great-grandfather founded the family’s first winery in 1902, meaning the book’s “insider” perspective is bona fide, rooted to the Argentine soil like so many grape vines. Born in Mendoza, “a heaven for winemaking” that’s actually a dessert (where vines work harder, yields are lower, and crop quality is much, much higher) Catena saw her father, a third-generation winemaker, transform modern winemaking practices. And now with a wine production operation all her own, Catena is not only knee deep in the history of Argentine wine, she’s part of its future. Vino Argentino ushers in that future by presenting a thorough, and thoroughly readable, foray into the wine culture and practices of the country from gauchos to Malbec (and well beyond Malbec). Catena doesn’t stop at a discussion of soil and region—although she has that, along with a glossary and maps, too. She introduces the vintners (meet Alejandro Vigil!), the varietals (the floral, peachy, surprisingly crisp Torrontés), even the meteorological phenomena (hail anyone?) that make each region, and each year’s crop, a unique expression of the rich Argentine enological traditions. The cherry on top? Recipes for authentic Argentine dishes like Rib Eye Steak with Chimichurri and Patagonian Potatoes or Crepes with Dulce de Leche.

Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch
Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy
Aug 2005
Crown Publishing Group

A much-needed guide to the pleasures and particulars of Italian wine, with original recipes by bestselling chefs and authors Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianch, here is the only comprehensive and authoritative American guide to the wines of Italy. It surveys the country's wine-producing regions; identifies key wine styles, producers, and vintages; and offers delicious regional recipes.

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
What to Drink with What you Eat: What to Drink with What You Eat The Definitive Guide to Pairing Food with Wine, Beer, Spirits, Coffee, Tea - Even Water - Based on Expert Advice from America's Best Sommeliers
Oct 2006
Little, Brown & Company

If you have ever wondered what drink to serve with your meal, this is the guide you need. Covering everything from water to wine, this book breaks down what to drink with what you eat into eight instructive and interesting chapters—some alphabetized by food, some by type of beverage. With advice from master sommeliers and top chefs, you’ll soon know what beverages to serve with cheesecake, and which wine goes best with quesadillas.

Clive Coates
Wines of France, New Revised Edition
Dec 1999
Wine Appreciation Guild, Limited

The most comprehensive and authoritative guide to all the wine producing areas in France with tastings from every single appellation and attention to the best growers in each region from Burgundy and Loire, the Rhone and Champagne, Alsace, the Jura and Savoie, Provance, Languedoc-Roussillon and of course, Bordeaux.

Monty Waldin
Wines of South America
Sep 2003
Octopus Publishing Group

An exploration of the culture, winemaking traditions, regions, laws, wines and producers of all the countries that make up South America. Listings of the top producers also cross-reference the wine estates, wines and brand names. Fifteen detailed maps reveal the aspect and location of top producers, while fact boxes give useful information about climate, soil and grapes.