Jenni Muir
A Cook's Guide to Grains : Delicious Recipes, Culinary Advice, and Nutritional Facts
Jun 2008

Grains are one of the most tasty, versatile and nutritious food sources available, a delight to eat and easy to cook. In this new work, Jenni Muir travels the world, discovering indigenous grains and the best recipes for using them. The first part of the book provides an in-depth look at each of the grains and the second section features over 100 recipes, taking you from breakfast through to dinner. Jenni explains how to vary the dishes according to the grains you have and also recommends an exciting range of accompaniments that will transform each dish to suit the occasion.

Jennifer Felicia
A Fistful of Lentils : Syrian-Jewish Cooking from Grandma Fritzie's Kitchen
Jan 2008
The Harvard Common Press

When Jennifer Felicia Abadi was a child, her mother often pulled down a well-worn homemade black recipe binder from her kitchen shelf and created sumptuous Syrian meals. As an adult, Abadi pulled down that same binder to make her own delicious meals. Mindful of the importance of tradition and the ease with which old-world knowledge vanishes, Abadi embarked on a labor of love with her grandmother to record all of her family's rich, mouthwatering Syrian dishes. The result is A Fistful of Lentils, an intimate culinary food album featuring more than 125 Syrian-Jewish recipes, warm family anecdotes, and little-known stories of Syrian-Jewish culture.

Marie Simmons
Amazing World of Rice : with 150 Recipes for Pilafs, Paellas, Puddings, and More
Dec 2002
HarperCollins Publishers

Bon Appétit monthly columnist and award-winning cookbook author Marie Simmons offers a complete reference work and cookbook on rice, the world’s most popular staple. Learn how to select the right type for every dish, as well as the best way to prepare and cook each kind. Also included are sauces to serve over rice, recipes for leftovers, and information on rice products such as rice flour, mochi, and sanko. With sections on "rice vocabulary," the history of rice, and alternative uses for the grain, this is not only a book of recipes but also a much-needed culinary resource.

Per-Anders Jörgensen
Eating with the Chefs: Family Meals from the World's Most Creative Restaurants
Kim Boyce with Amy Scattergood
Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours
Mar 2010
Stewart, Tabori, & Chang

Kim Boyce’s revelatory cookbook on whole grains pairs a wide range of whole grain flours by flavor profiles and textures to appropriate (and tempting) recipes. Amaranth, for example, “pairs very well with strong-flavored sweeteners like honey … as they temper the boldness of the flour without masking its flavor.” The recipes that follow meld the sophisticated palates of seasoned professionals (Boyce counts Nancy Silverton and Sherri Yard among her mentors) with a maternal hominess. She elevates simple dishes like muffins, pancakes, and cookies with unusual flavor profiles—waffles are spiced with ginger, carrot, orange, and corn-flour; bran muffins enlivened by amaranth, molasses, and dried fruit. Whether your goal is to broaden the flavor range of your pastry program or lure a more health-minded customer base, Boyce’s insights on whole-grain pastry will be a great asset.

Fred and Linda Griffith
Nuts : 200 Recipes from Around the World that Feature Nature's Perfect Ingredient
Apr 2003
St. Martin's Press

2004 IACP Award Nominee for Single Subject Category; James Beard Award-winning cookbook authors Linda and Fred Griffith have traveled the world collecting recipes that use nuts. Nutritious, flavorful, and satisfying, these recipes cover all courses and range from casual to sophisticated. They include Roasted Sweet Potato Soup with Walnut Relish, Thai Shrimp Noodle Salad with Peanut Sauce, Nucci's Chestnut Gnocchi, Peppered Pistachio-Crusted Leg of Lamb, Risotto with Prosciutto, Parmesan and Walnuts, Chocolate Black Walnut Pie, and many more.

Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein
Feb 2007
Ten Speed Press

Prepared with basic techniques such as juicing, dehydrating, and slicing, raw food has all of its nutritional value intact since it isn't subjected to the enzyme-rupturing process that intense heat induces. In Raw, six-time James Beard Award-winner Trotter collaborates with Klein to produce a landmark collection of 100 recipes--the ultimate tribute to the culinary height that this dynamic cuisine can reach.

Christine Ingram
Rice, Risotto, Pilaff, and Paella
May 2003
Anness Publishing, Ltd.

A beautifully illustrated guide to the univeral grain. The books opens with an introduction to the many different types of rice and the products made from it. Then, with a tour of the world, the recipe sections presents more than 200 easy-to-follow recipes in a mouth-watering display of the versatility of rice. Over 500 wonderful color photographs will help you explore and appreciate the amazing repertoire of this simple staple food.

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid
Seductions of Rice
May 2003

The authors that brought you the Cookbook of The Year, Flatbreads and Flavors, have traveled to the major rice eating regions of the world and experienced firsthand dozens of varieties of rice with unimaginable subtleties of taste, as well as the staggering array of foods that must accompany them. In Seductions of Rice, they bring it all home: hundreds of delectable dishes, from the worlds latest rice cuisines, illuminated by stories, insights,and photographs.

Dana Jacobi
The Natural Kitchen: Soy!
Oct 1996
Crown Publishing Group

Soy, in all its forms, has long been a staple of vegetarian cooking. The Natural Kitchen:Soy! proves just how versatile- and flavorful- soy foods can be. From tofu and tempeh to miso and soymilk, soy is emerging as the food of choice for a growing number of health- conscious cooks. It has been proven to lower cholesterol and to help prevent heart disease. Expert cook Dana Jacobi breaks new ground, offering soy dishes that are delectable, international, and divine! You'll discover dozens of recipes for cooking soy foods every meal, every day.