Sally Sondheim and Suzannah Sloan
Accidental Gourmet Weekends and Holidays : Festive Meals for Family and Friends
Jan 2009
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

Tired of the average weekend fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, or takeout? The Accidental Gourmet Weekends and Holidays takes a unique approach to family food preparation, with menus for twenty-three holiday meals from New Year's through Christmas, as well as Saturday dinners and Sunday suppers for every weekend of the year

Thomas Keller
Ad Hoc at Home
Oct 2009
Artisan Books

For those used to Thomas Keller in the context of award-winning restaurants The French Laundry and Per Se comes the happy surprise of this beautiful guide to excellence in home cooking. The consummate professional Keller lets his hair down, so to speak, trading in high-tech equipment for wooden spoons and family-style serving platters. With the simple equation that “great product plus great recipes equals great cooking,” Keller exalts the seemingly humble forum of the home kitchen into a place where extraordinary food is possible. Keller begins with a brief primer on the tools and techniques essential to great home cooking, even delineating “the big four” countertop appliances on which any capable kitchen is built. At the end of the book is an index on indispensable culinary staples like clarified butter, mornay sauce, pork brine, and a basic herb sachet. And in between are the recipes that make up Keller’s home cooking repertoire, from classics to creative reinterpretations—dishes that bring the standard of home cooking that much closer to the professional kitchen.

Christopher Hirsheimer & Melissa Hamilton
Canal House Cooking: Volume N° 1 & Volume N° 2
Jun 2009
Canal House

You might say that Canal House Cooking covers everything but the kitchen sink, but since it’s a cookbook you would be safe to assume the kitchen sink will be there, too. Canal House Cooking is the shared title of a book, a magazine, and a publishing house. The authors, Christopher Hirsheimer & Melissa Hamilton, both began their careers in the literary world as editors of prestigious culinary magazines. Fed up with the glamorous life, the two women joined forces and bought a home together in New Jersey which serves as their home office. Together they experimented with cooking and writing, publishing recipes online and in print. Their recipes cover a broad range of styles; some recipes are classics, others contemporary, and many originate from destinations across the globe. The only prerequisite for these recipe books, released tri-annually, is that the ingredients correspond to the appropriate season.

Joachim Splichal
Cooking Without Recipes : Unleash Your Creativity and Prepare Meals Your Friends and Family Will Love!
Mar 1997
Kensington Publishing Corporation

Using Cooking Without Recipes, readers can learn to make cooking easier, more economical, and just plain fun by turning every meals into a personal and fulfilling free-form expression of themselves

A World of Family Recipes Tessa Kiros
Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes
Mar 2009
Andrews McMeel Publishing

For a book that combines the culinary variety of a Finnish, Greek, and Cypriot heritage, an English and South African childhood, and a culinary career spanning Sydney, Tuscany, and Mexico, Tessa Kiros’ Falling Cloudberries is quite neatly assembled and prettily adorned. Part homage to her family’s rich culinary traditions and part testament to the heterogeneity of modern cuisine, Kiros’ book serves the dual purposes of validating the home cooking experience and claiming the flavors of divergent traditions as the rightful experience of a single palette. For the wanderlust gourmet, Falling Cloudberries is a testament to the romance, history, and universality of culinary tradition.

Family Circle
Family Circle All-Time Favorite Recipes
Jan 2007
Random House Value Publishing, Incorporated

Each year, Family Circle publishes hundreds of recipes in all categories, literally, from soup to nuts. In this magnificent new volume, the editors have selected more than six hundred that have proved to be most popular among the magazine's readers and collected them in one eye-appealing and practical volume.

Laurent Tourondel and Charlotte March
Fresh from the Market: Seasonal Cooking with Laurent Tourondel and Charlotte March
Sep 2010
John Wiley & Sons

Fresh from the Market might be an elegant cookbook geared towards the home chef, but it contains valuable insights for professionals looking to marry a farm-fresh perspective with refined cuisine. Because it’s from master chef Laurent Tourondel, progenitor of the BLT restaurant empire, the recipes combine the lush product of local country farms with a cosmopolitan culinary finesse. And because it’s Tourondel, the dishes balance decadence with subtlety, refinement with rusticity. Photographs from Quentin Bacon complement Tourdondel’s culinary narrative; Bacon’s evocative pictures beautifully tell every dish’s story from farm to table. The book is portioned into chapters by season, with a comprehensive list of seasonal ingredients and recipes progressing from the cocktail and amuse bouche all the way to entrees and desserts. Touchingly familiar and yet sophisticated menus for the season’s holidays round out the generous offerings. Pigs in a Blanket “Ritz Carlton” opens a Thanksgiving Menu complete with duck confit and Turkey with chestnut-sausage stuffing. With juxtapositions like this Tourendel succeeds in making gourmet cuisine seem as comfortably familiar as it is in his many restaurants.

Edited by John Donahue
Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers Who Cook for Their Families
May 2011
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

A Man with a Pan tells the tales of today’s most masculine culinary celebrities as they’ve never before been seen; a maison and en famille. It’s a compilation of personal essays, interviews, and recipes. And with men at the helm, preparing family dinner becomes a fly-by-night operation, Michael Ruhlman recommends sex before chicken, Mario Batali’s kids rave about duck testicles, and Stephen King commands his readers to cook with their microwaves but “don’t nuke the sh*t out of it!” As a fascinating marker of changing times or as the perfect father’s day gift, A Man with a Pan does it all (much like the fathers it features).

Lisa Schroeder with Danielle Centoni
Mother’s Best Comfort Food That Takes You Home Again
Nov 2009

Lisa Schroeder changed careers at 35, enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America, working long hours in multiple restaurants, and finally starting upscale comfort-food mecca Mother’s Bistro & Bar in Portland ten years ago. From this outpost, Chef Schroeder combines her culinary training at one of the country’s most respected programs with a deep respect for the homey satisfaction of mothers’ recipes from all over. Just as her restaurant bridges the gap between the casual, traditional style of home cooking practiced by mothers and the savvy of a working chef, Schroeder’s book offers tips – called “Love Notes” – to explain the winning techniques behind her mom-inspired, chef-executed recipes. With 150 dishes from the restaurant, Mother’s Best promises to bring rustic, simple, home style cuisine to a mother’s kitchen near you.

Rebecca Lang
Quick-fix Southern: Homemade Hospitality in 30 Minutes or Less
Mar 2011
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
This book might make you want a don a wide rim hat, knock back a julep, and spend 30 minutes or less (no more!) in your kitchen. Beyond the basic 30-minute-or-less-ness, there are some interesting ideas and tips in this book. For one, a formula on doctoring flour to better suit your recipes is intriguing. And Lang’s recipe for grits includes a nice explanation of quick-versus-instant grits, akin to four legs good, two legs bad. The standard southern casseroles, biscuits, gravies, and barbecues are all here, but nicely rounded out with quirky southern additions like “Chess Pie” and “Chicken Boudine.” While Quick-fix probably won’t inspire a new menu for your restaurant, it might save you in a pinch from an unexpected horde of dinner guests.
Panderina D. Soumas
Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook:
Aug 2000
Soumas Heritage Creole Creations

This cookbook is filled with legendary, historical, and ancestral legends of Afro-Creole culture through the Soumas Family in South Louisiana as well as cultural connections with Louisiana's history from African slaves from French & Irish plantation era.

Barbara Scott-Goodman
Sunday Dinner: Seasonal Menus To Enjoy With Family And Friends
Jan 1998
Chronicle Books LLC

Sunday Dinner is about recapturing an old-fashioned mealtime tradition in a cozy, unintimidating way. It's important to take time to sit down with family and friends and enjoy a leisurely weekend meal. Each menu in Sunday Dinner includes recipes for an appetizer, a salad or soup followed by a main course with vegetable side dishes, and, of course, dessert. The recipes are a satisfying mixture of elements you can prepare ahead of time and at the last minute as well.

Ferran Adrià
The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria
Oct 2011

“It is a book about simple cooking.” Words not typically expected at the beginning of anything culinary, published, and even indirectly attributable to Ferran Adrià. But with The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adrià, the hallowed godfather of avant-garde cuisine introduces us to the other kind of cuisine coming out of elBulli: family meal. Born out of an inspiration to redefine the quality of this workhorse industry pre-service meal (and fueled by Adrià’s own deep-seated love of simple, pure cuisine), The Family Meal collects 31 meals—as in appetizers, mains, and desserts, for two, six, 20, or 75 people—created and consumed by the staff of elBulli. Before getting into the recipes themselves, which are all accompanied by step-by-step photographs, Adrià shares the process behind their creation (from production sheets to tips that link the restaurant’s menu and its family meal, as in “after making cheese water, especially with Parmesan, the leftover fat an be used in a risotto”). And while Adrià and Eugini de Diego (a head chef also responsible for family meal) certainly intend the book to be an inspiration within the industry, the simple nature of the cuisine (“Catalan-style Turkey,” “Coconut Flan,” “Potato Chip Omelet”) and commonplace equipment (the most “complicated” tool being a soda siphon) means home cooks can eat like elBulli’s professional elite, who create carrot clouds and caipirinha cubes on a diet of house-made pasta and—a house favorite—hamburgers.