Cathy and Tony Mantuano
Wine Bar Food: Mediterranean Flavors to Crave with Wines to Match
Apr 2008
Crown Publishing

In Wine Bar Food restaurateurs Cathy and Tony Mantuano share their passion for the European tradition of pairing small plates with wine among one’s close friends. In their travels to cities like Seville, Rome, and Lisbon, the Mantuanos acquired a taste for this decidedly civilized ritual of revelry and sought to recreate it back home, opening Enoteca Spiaggia in Miami Beach and publishing Wine Bar Food. Both ventures are intended to further the culture of casual, convivial mealtime gatherings in a country polarized by fast food and major occasion-oriented dining. The Mantuanos organize their chapters by region, so the reader is introduced to the wine and small plates of Venice, Barcelona, and Athens organically, as part of the prism of a larger culture. With its exquisitely simple recipes and regional wine recommendations, Wine Bar Food enables us to recreate the easy charm and casual gourmet experience of small plate dining.

Rudi Sodamin
A Taste of Elegance
Jan 2010

Among his myriad other accomplishments, Master Chef Rudi Sodamin has helped define higher standards and expectations for cruise line cuisine. Besides being “the most highly decorated chef at sea,” Sodamin is an extremely well-traveled, sophisticated gourmet chef whose prolific talent brought him to great heights in his career from a very young age. With this second installment of the Holland America Line cuisine cookbooks, Sodamin shares the recipes and practices that make him such a sought-after chef at sea. Chef Sodamin also takes a big picture approach to the world of cruise cuisine, consulting corporations to get the highest quality product to the galleys of every cruise line kitchen. In The Taste of Elegance he offers a repertoire of the recipes and culinary building blocks that make cruise line cuisine work, examples of dishes that successfully transplant the gourmet standards from the land to the sea.

Sally Sondheim and Suzannah Sloan
Accidental Gourmet Weekends and Holidays : Festive Meals for Family and Friends
Jan 2009
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

Tired of the average weekend fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, or takeout? The Accidental Gourmet Weekends and Holidays takes a unique approach to family food preparation, with menus for twenty-three holiday meals from New Year's through Christmas, as well as Saturday dinners and Sunday suppers for every weekend of the year

Rick Tramonto and Mary Goodbody
Amuse-Bouche: Little Bites of Delight Before the Meal Begins
Oct 2002
Random House Inc.

Though diminutive, the amuse-bouche does many jobs: it opens up the palate, it showcases the level of culinary sophistication to come, and—most importantly—it welcomes the diner, introducing them to the chef, and opens them up to the more elaborate experience of the meal. From complex, avant garde small bites to classics, amuse bouche are a fixture of fine dining, and increasingly popular among upscale casual restaurants that emphasize hospitality. With this aptly named little savor of a cookbook, Rick Tramonto, celebrated executive chef/partner of Chicago's TRU, shares the secret of his delicate, delicious amuses with a mainstream audience.

Ava Astaire McKenzie
At Home In Ireland
Apr 1998
Rinehart P

After a privileged upbringing in Beverly Hills Fred Astaire's daughter Ava and her family moved to a 200-year-old farmhouse on the Irish coast. Here she discovered the joys of cooking as well as the countless pleasures of growing flowers and vegetables in her seaside garden. Ava's wide-ranging recipes and inventive decorating ideas have been shaped by this bountiful produce, and by the wild foods she gathers from the surrounding countryside and nearby ocean. Memorable parties and holiday celebrations-with Hollywood stars and local friends alike-are recorded alongside the easy-to-follow recipes.

Ina Garten
Barefoot Contessa Family Style : Easy Recipes That Make Everyone Feel Like Family
Oct 2002
Crown Publishing Group

Ina Garten knows that the best meals are those where friends are so comfortable they feel like family--and family members feel so much more special. With that in mind, she has assembled yet another outstanding collection of beloved recipes that are easy to make and will delight everyone. With wonderful photos of Ina cooking in her home, as well as helpful menu suggestions and practical shopping tips, the volume is today's must-have guide to making everyday meals elegantly simple, and entertaining as warm and inviting as a family meal.

Ina Garten
Barefoot Contessa Parties! Ideas and Recipes for Easy Parties that are Really Fun
Mar 2001
Random House Inc.

In this stunning book, Ina celebrates a relaxed and innovative style of entertaining that is as much of a joy for the host and hostess as it is for the guests. Arranged by season, Ina's 16 parties are more about assembling food than about cooking for hours.

François Payard
Bite Size: Elegant Recipes for Entertaining
Oct 2006
HarperCollins Publishers

With Bite Size, legendary Pastry Chef François Payard shows home cooks how to prepare simple, sensational appetizers that will leave guests impressed and hosts with energy to spare. It’s no surprise—Payard knows how to throw a good party. In addition to his late, but renowned, New York restaurant Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro (still very much alive in Vegas) Payard ran upscale catering company, Tastings. And now Payard presents a collection of his favorite recipes made easy for everyday cooks. Along with chapters on meat, fish, vegetable, and cheese hors d'oeuvres, Payard includes a wealth of helpful hosting tips, hints, and serving suggestions—try serving soup in shot glasses, for example. The innovative recipes use simple, easy-to-find ingredients for spectacular results such as Prosciutto-Wrapped Gnocchi, Sweet Corn Madeleines with Caviar and Crème Fraîche, and Crab and Mango Salad in Apple Cups. Each recipe is accompanied by a lush, full-color photograph to whet the appetite.

Bonnie Stern
Bonnie Stern's Essentials of Home Cooking
Aug 2003
Random House of Canada, Limited

For Bonnie Stern, good food is an essential element in turning a house into a home. With this lavish new cookbook, Bonnie invites us into her kitchen as she prepares food for the people she loves. Bonnie Stern’s Essentials of Home Cooking is filled with Bonnie’s personal favourites -- dishes that reflect the way we are cooking now.

Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison
Born To Grill
Apr 2004
National Book Network

In more than 300 recipes, Cheryl and Bill Jamison reveal the tremendous variety of terrific flavors that can come from the primal encounter of food and flame. The Jamison's open up a road map that will guide the griller beyond steaks, burgers, and hot dogs, but they invite us in chapters called "Serious Steaks" and "Hot Burgers and Haute Dogs", to delay our departure and explore the depths of those timeless favorites. Out on the horizon, Born to Grill uncovers alluring new terrain. Salads, pastas, and soups infused with the smoky taste of flame-kissed ingredients; splendid pizzas and tortilla dishes prepared on the grill; vegetables, juicy and crisp, in main dishes and sides; fruits and desserts for a finger-lickin' finish- all these and more make the griller's domain bigger and more delectable than it's ever been.

Sheila Lukins
Celebrate! Cookbook : 43 Celebrations, 350 Recipes
Nov 2003
Workman Publishing Company, Inc.

2004 IACP Award Nominee for General Category; Time to celebrate! With one purpose only--to bring family and friends together--Sheila Lukins presents Celebrate!, a full-color extravaganza of a book with 46 menus, 350 foolproof recipes, 200 color photographs, and throughout, the passion that's made her one of America's most creative cooks and best-loved food writers.

Olivier Said; James Mellgren; Maggie Pond
Cesar : Recipes from a Tapas Bar
Sep 2003
Ten Speed Press

When three Chez Panisse alums opened a tapas bar next door to Alice Waters’ famed Berkeley, California, restaurant, it was only a matter of days before a culinary star was born. With its innovative menu of Spanish-style tapas paired with an astounding wine and spirits list, César earned a legion of devoted fans and was named one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Chronicle. In the Cesar cookbook, restaurateur Olivier Said teams up with Spanish-foods authority James Mellgren to tell the story of César from inception to its current status as one of the Bay Area’s prime dining and nightlife spots. One hundred classic tapa and drink recipes from the César catalog showcase the robust flavors of Spain, while more than 100 photographs capture the restaurant’s irrepressible spirit.

Leslie Revsin
Come for Dinner : Memorable Meals to Share with Friends
Sep 2003
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

2004 James Beard Award Nominee for the General Category; More and more people are returning to the dinner table to rediscover the comforts of home through the pleasure of relaxed entertaining with friends and family. Come for Dinner celebrates home cooking with fabulous recipes and menu ideas that are low stress and appropriate for today’s busy lifestyles.

Joachim Splichal
Cooking Without Recipes : Unleash Your Creativity and Prepare Meals Your Friends and Family Will Love!
Mar 1997
Kensington Publishing Corporation

Using Cooking Without Recipes, readers can learn to make cooking easier, more economical, and just plain fun by turning every meals into a personal and fulfilling free-form expression of themselves

Debbie Moose
Deviled Eggs : 50 Recipes from Simple to Sassy
Apr 2004
National Book Network

A revered favorite for generations, deviled eggs are the ultimate party food. Their cultural status is so powerful that they have their own specifically designed plates. Not only a great party food, deviled eggs are also perfect for rounding out a light summer meal or serving as a fun first course of a more formal dinner. Deviled eggs are incredibly fast, economical, and easy to prepare, and their flavors can range from light and simple (fresh herbs, mild mustards) to elegant (smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes) to gutsy (blue cheese, bacon) to fiery (chiles and hot sauces). Add in tips for perfectly hard-cooked eggs and creative presentation ideas and this gorgeous book is sure to be devilishly good.

Emeril Lagasse
Emeril's Creole Christmas
Oct 1997
HarperCollins Publishers

It's time to celebrate Christmas the Creole way: Corn Cakes with Caviar, Sugarcane Baked Ham with Spiced Apples and Pears, Jiffy Pop Firecracker Shrimp --these are the dishes guaranteed to make your holiday season festive. In addition to great appetizers, entrees, and desserts, Emeril includes some terrific stocking stuffer ideas--everything from his Homemade Worcestershire Sauce to a delectable recipe for Orange Pralines that are so good you might just decide to keep them for yourself.

Didi Emmons
Entertaining for a Veggie Planet: 250 Down-to-Earth Recipes
Jun 2003
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

2004 IACP Award Winner for Health and Special Diet Category; The queen of vegetarian hip is back! Convinced that entertaining doesn't have to be high-stress or high-maintenance, Didi Emmons presents an alternative view: the best parties aren't meticulously planned. Crammed with innovative ideas for delightfully informal gatherings and hundreds of globally inspired, big-flavored vegetarian recipes, Entertaining for a Veggie Planet proves that having friends over--whether for the season finale of a favorite TV show or for a book group discussion--is not only easy, it's fun.

Rick Tramonto with Mary Goodbody
Fantastico! Little Italian Plates and Antipasti from Rick Tramonto’s Kitchen
Nov 2007
Broadway Books

Rick Tramonto, one of America’s most renowned and award-winning chefs has written a cookbook showcasing the best of Italian cuisine, the food he grew up eating and has explored in depth on his extensive travels throughout the country. Fantastico! is the ideal source for a stunning array of antipasti, assaggios, salumis, and cheeses, the perfect accompaniments to a variety of wines and surprising additions to everyday and formal meals. Tramonto’s terrific recipes, accompanied by wine recommendations and his tips on buying the best ingredients, provide readers with the inspiration and the know-how they need to make a big impression by thinking small. The selection includes such festive recipes as Tramonto’s Razor Clams Casino and Roasted Medjool Dates with Gorgonzola, Bacon, and Toasted Walnuts; innovative ideas for grilled breads with robust toppings (bruschetta) and little toasts with refined toppings (crostini); an extraordinary variety of panini, along with wonderful Venetian-style,open-faced mini-sandwiches (cicchetti); With more than 100 simple recipes and beautiful full-color photographs, Fantastico! will inspire anyone who loves the casual charm of Italian cooking.

Larry O. Knight
Front of the House: What Every Chef Must Know
Jan 2011
Xlibris Corporation

Larry Knight has worked as a dishwasher, busboy, waiter, Maitre’D, and Senior Butler. In his books he culls together years of knowledge to distill exactly what goes into making restaurant service exceptional. While the title implies the book is a resource for chefs, the content would more likely benefit front-of-house employees and restaurateurs. Knight focuses primarily on the work of a server: serving techniques, proper etiquette, responsibilities by profession, and miscellaneous need-to-knows. The book might be more aptly titled “What Every Restaurant Owner Must Force His Staff to Read” but there is no denying that the knowledge Knight has to offer is of an inestimable value.

Suzy Bales
Garden Parties
Apr 2003
Crown Publishing Group

The garden is the ideal setting for a party, whether it's a romantic dinner under a rose arbor, a relaxed lunch amid wildflowers, or a fun-filled child's birthday party in a vegetable patch. Suzy Bales presents eight distinctively themed get-togethers in Garden Parties, complete with tempting menus and clever ways of using the garden's natural beauty and bounty to enhance each theme.

Rachael Ray
Get Togethers : Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals
Dec 2003
Lake Isle Press

Rachael Ray, the popular host of "30-Minute Meals" and "$40 a Day" seen daily on the TV Food Network, puts the fun back into entertaining with this exciting collection of recipes, all designed to feed a crowd or smaller gathering in 30 minutes or less. Using her trademark free-hand style of cooking and readily available ingredients, Rachael makes "having people over" seem effortless. She offers helpful cooking and organizing tips throughout. When it comes to entertaining, Rachael believes that less is more. Keep it simple, and you will enjoy your own party more. Her recipes will make you look "way cool."

A.J. Rathbun
Good Spirits: Recipes, Revelations, Refreshments, and Romance, Shaken and Served with a Twist
Oct 2007
The Harvard Common Press

Mixologist and Poet A.J. Rathbun (also senior editor for the Kitchen & Housewares store on fills this gargantuan book with 450 cocktails—some classic but many outrageous originals—designed to capture the humor, livelihood and camaraderie that accompany the art of the drink. Rathbun divides the book into 12 playful chapters, each aptly named according to its respective theme: “Turning Up the Heat” features drinks like Hot Whiskey Punch and French Chocolate for the winter months, and “Pacifying a Crowd,” offers pitcher drink recipes for rowdy customers (i.e. American Punch and Harvest Bowl). Tips, colorful anecdotes and historical facts are included with every cocktail, along with a wide range of pointers—from making your own liquor and glassware selections, to spotlights on lesser-known liqueurs. Also interspersed throughout the book, you’ll find the top four bars in the country for a French 75 and “Random Excuses for a Party.”

Gillian Duffy
Hors d'Oeuvres
Nov 1998
HarperCollins Publishers

Gillian Duffy, culinary editor for New York magazine, presents an array of hors d'oeuvres, as delicious as they are attractive, to take us through the year. With expertise and enthusiasm, Gillian offers her own creations as well as recipes from top New York City chefs and caterers. Beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book whet the appetite and make this a splendid gift. Best of all, the recipes are easy enough to be prepared in anyone's home kitchen.

Hors d'Oeuvres moves from winter bites such as Raclette Crisps with Pecans and Basil to summer refreshers like Shrimp with Green-Chile Pesto. Classic cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan Martini are invented by master mixologists like Dale DeGroff of the Rainbow Room. Whether the event is flamboyant or low key, classic or cutting edge, Hors d'Oeuvres offers just what's needed to kick off a party or start a meal with style.

Doreen Garrett
Hot, Sweet, & Sticky : 12 Romantic Feasts to Tempt Your Lover
Jan 2003
Crown Publishing Group

This enticing little book offers up appetizers, salads, main dishes, and desserts all designed to work their magic. From a steaming plate of angel hair carbonara topped with caviar to a delightfully devilish chocolate cake, Napa Valley food writer Doreen Schmid has gathered together a luscious bunch of recipes to help chefs of all skill levels tempt their lover from out of the kitchen and into the bedroom--or maybe just the couch. Lovers everywhere will flock to Hot, Sweet, and Sticky to learn cooking skills to make things sizzle in more than just the kitchen.

Jacques Pépin
Jacques Pepin Celebrates : The Companion Book to His New PBS Series
Sep 2001
Random House Inc

The companion book to a new 26-part public television series debuting in the fall of 2001. A fabulous book for people who love to cook! To Jacques Pepin, every meal is a celebration. And his delight in creating delicious offerings for family and friends is contagious as he shares the secrets of meals he has prepared over the years for holidays, special occasions, and family gatherings.

Diane Kochilas
Meze : Small Plates to Savor and Share from the Mediterranean Table
Jan 2003
HarperCollins Publishers

Diane Kochilas introduces the dazzling array of Greek meze and explores its rituals and traditions. From yogurt and eggplant dips to seafood delights to meatballs and kebabs, Meze features 80 simple dishes that can be enjoyed as appetizers or used to create a meal. Filled with dozens of color photographs, Meze adds Mediterranean flavor to any gathering.

Gillian Duffy
New York Cooks : The 100 Best Recipes from New York Magazine
Oct 2003
Abrams,Harry N Inc

2004 IACP Award Nominee for Compilations Category; Every year, New York magazine publishes two definitive guides to entertaining-one for summer, one for the holidays. New York Cooks collects the best recipes from these issues, showcasing the creations of the city's greatest chefs. Their mouth-watering dishes can be easily made at home-they've all been tested-without spending the whole day in the kitchen.

Rebecca Lang
Quick-fix Southern: Homemade Hospitality in 30 Minutes or Less
Mar 2011
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
This book might make you want a don a wide rim hat, knock back a julep, and spend 30 minutes or less (no more!) in your kitchen. Beyond the basic 30-minute-or-less-ness, there are some interesting ideas and tips in this book. For one, a formula on doctoring flour to better suit your recipes is intriguing. And Lang’s recipe for grits includes a nice explanation of quick-versus-instant grits, akin to four legs good, two legs bad. The standard southern casseroles, biscuits, gravies, and barbecues are all here, but nicely rounded out with quirky southern additions like “Chess Pie” and “Chicken Boudine.” While Quick-fix probably won’t inspire a new menu for your restaurant, it might save you in a pinch from an unexpected horde of dinner guests.
André Hueston Mack
Small Thyme Cooks
Get Fraîche Cru
Rick Tramonto with Mary Goodbody
Steak with Friends At Home, with Rick Tramonto
Apr 2010
Andrews McMeel

More than a simple cookbook, Steak with Friends is an invitation into Chef Tramonto’s home, an invitation to enjoy steak the way he and his family do, with good friends, sophisticated sides, and high quality meats. Prolific chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author, Tramonto knows a thing or two about how to cook a good steak, and this cookbook is tantamount to an insider’s look at his more than thirty years’ experience. But Steak with Friends isn’t just about meat. It’s about celebrating good food with good people, and Tramonto is careful to emphasize the process, the joy in the cooking, as well as the feast itself. Recipes for side dishes - steak’s own “friends,” as Chef Tramonto says – accompany the main entrees, with dedicated chapters on anything from soup and sandwiches to fish and poultry rounding out the culinary options. The recipes are many, and the tips are culled from a life’s experience, adding to the overall sense of warmth and generosity that makes Steak with Friends more than your average steak a cookbook.

Barbara Scott-Goodman
Sunday Dinner: Seasonal Menus To Enjoy With Family And Friends
Jan 1998
Chronicle Books LLC

Sunday Dinner is about recapturing an old-fashioned mealtime tradition in a cozy, unintimidating way. It's important to take time to sit down with family and friends and enjoy a leisurely weekend meal. Each menu in Sunday Dinner includes recipes for an appetizer, a salad or soup followed by a main course with vegetable side dishes, and, of course, dessert. The recipes are a satisfying mixture of elements you can prepare ahead of time and at the last minute as well.

Arthur L. Meyer and Jon M. Vann
The Appetizer Atlas: A World of Small Bites
Feb 2003
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Whether in the form of a passed hors d'oeuvre, canapé, or a dish of small bites placed at a table setting, appetizers are the perfect showcase of a cook's creativity and skill. The Appetizer Atlas brings together an enticing range of starters from around the world that will help lead off any dining experience in style. This unique, encyclopedic cookbook offers 400 authentic, savory recipes for appetizers from twenty-eight distinctive regional cuisines-from Mexico to Maghreb, from China to the Caribbean, along with France, India, Italy, Japan, Thailand, and many more. All recipes are kitchen tested, perfect for home cooking, professional catering, and entertaining. With photographs of finished dishes, plus background material on specialty ingredients and regional cooking methods, this comprehensive resource is the only appetizer book a cook will ever need.

Carole Peck
The Buffet Book
May 1997
Viking Adult

Over 175 recipes. Buffets are America's favorite way to entertain, and who better to write the definitive-in fact, the only-book on the subject than Carol Peck? The Buffet Book is filled with reasssuring, practical advice about every detail of buffet entertaining, and includes advance prepararion tips throughout.

Marian Burros
The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook
Mar 2003
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

A completely revised and updated edition of the cookbook that set thestandard for entertaining, featuring new recipes and old favorites with allthe great taste, convenience, and ease of preparation that has made it the entertaining bible for more than 500,000 cooks.

We all know that stirring risotto in the kitchen while your guests are gossiping in the living room is no fun. That's why the recipes in The New Elegant but Easy Cookbook can be prepared in advance and refrigerated or frozen until your party. While sharing all-new recipes for delectable dishes like Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Mediterranean Couscous Salad, Michele's Corn Pudding, or an astonishing Prepare-Ahead Chocolate Soufflé, Burros and Levine have also included fifty favorites from the original cookbook, like Sherley's Parmesan Puffs, Baked Imperial Chicken, Green and Gold Squash, and Lois's Original Plum Torte (the most requested recipe ever reprinted in The New York Times).

To make your life even easier, the book has an ingredients list with mail-order sources and lists of recipes for specific needs and occasions. Best of all, there are ten foolproof menus, from an Old-Fashioned Casual Dinner for 6 to a Brunch for 16 to a Cocktail Party for 24, each with a shopping list and a two-week "countdown game plan" that will take the fear out of entertaining for even the first-time host.

A. Cort Sinnes
The New Gas Grill Gourmet : Great Grilled Food for Everyday Meals & Fantastic Feasts
May 2005
The Harvard Common Press

Most grilling cookbooks have cooking times and techniques geared to charcoal, not gas. In his third cookbook, Cort Sinnes offers gas grillers a wealth of recipes, tips for enhancing flavor, and a surprising variety of grilling techniques, These 225 recipes show has gas grilling can be an exciting way to serve great food to family and friends any day of the week. Illustrations.

Maria McBride-Mellinger
The Perfect Wedding
Jan 1997
HarperCollins Publishers

Bridal expert Maria McBride-Mellinger answers all the questions as well as the countless choices and details involved in planning a wedding. From the engagement, to the dress to the flowers. The Perfect Wedding is a comprehensive, knowledgeable text, illustrated throughout with beautiful color photographs, offers advice and creative ideas every step of the way.

Dan Searing
The Punch Bowl: 75 Recipes Spanning Four Centuries of Wanton Revelry
Jan 2011
Sterling Epicure

In a cocktail era more inclined towards three or four-ingredient, spirit-forward recipes, punch may seem like a fussy anachronism. But as D.C. Craft Bartender’s Guild co-founder Dan Searing puts it in The Punch Bowl, cocktail historicism—and the attendant revival of classic cocktails—actually paved the way for the resurgence of punch in all its gilded, celebratory glory. A brief history of punch (including its roots in maritime revelry, piracy, and early trade routes) and a guide to classic punch ingredients bring the reader up to speed on this bygone liquid status symbol. But Searing isn’t looking to pay homage to the porcelain and gold punch traditions of old. While the majority of the book’s 75 punch recipes are pre-20th century—including an ultra-simple 1655 recipe for Jamaican Punch and Jerry Thomas’s 1862 “Light Guard Punch,” a surprisingly delicate concoction meant to refresh “any small regiment (whether military or otherwise)”—Searing updates them in both serving size and instruction. Modern punches abound as well, such as the Highland Park, apple, and red beet concoction “Beetiful Apples” from of PS 7’s in D.C. But whatever century you dip your mixology ladle into, The Punch Bowl is really about one thing: the craft of celebration.

Tyler Florence
Tyler Florence's Real Kitchen : An Indispensable Guide for Anybody Who Likes to Cook
Mar 2003
Crown Publishing Group

2004 IACP Award Nominee for American Category; Marrying down-home practicality and urban flair, Tyler Florence--the charismatic host of Food Network's Food 911 and former chef at some of New York's trendiest restaurants--presents a hearty helping of his favorite recipes and shows how easy it is to create full-flavored, simple, yet elegant meals at home. The recipes here are organized by occasion, from intimate meals for two to casual dinners for friends, to brunches and outdoor bashes for a crowd.

Frank McClelland and Christine Matheson
Wine Mondays: Simple Wine Pairings with Seasonal Menus
Oct 2008
Harvard Common Press

When proprietor Frank McClelland introduced his 4-course wine paired dinners at Boston’s renowned L’Espalier restaurant on Monday nights, he had an instant hit on his hands. L’Espalier’s Wine Mondays were a way to introduce and educate diners on pairing wines with a fantastic seasonally inspired meal in an approachable, fun, and straightforward fashion. McClelland has selected 16 of his favorite menus from Wine Mondays over the years—4 for each season—applying his casual approach and philosophy on food and wine to the recipes and pairings included. Each menu is centered around a seasonal theme ranging from Winter’s Bordeaux and Spring’s Rosè- Colored Glasses, to Summer’s Totally Organic and Autumn’s Mushroom Dinner. McClelland encourages his readers to use the book as a reference rather than a formal set guide, asserting his number one rule: drink what you like!