Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do What Comes Naturally

Fearlessly taking on the wine industry in her quest to find and make “natural” wine, Alice Feiring’s casual voice makes an educational tome of a contentious subject seem like a conversation among friends. Even the word “natural” is embattled, as some wines are organic, biodynamic, or somewhere in between. But Feiring lays it out, deriding the use of micro oxygenation, reverse osmosis, and teabags of oak sawdust and instead seeking out winemakers using natural yeasts and truly terroir-ific wines. She explains the groundwork and the groundbreakers at the forefront of “naked” winemaking, helping her reader navigate the murky, provocative subject with clarity of focus and integrity of purpose. A great writer takes you along for the ride, and Feiring’s journey around the world feels like traveling. But keep a (natural) wine bottle handy; her tasting notes will make you thirsty. And have a pen handy—you’ll want to underline a slew of new, naked wines to add to your typically clothed collection.