Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking

In purely technical terms, Modernist Cuisine is a comprehensive codification of culinary techniques. In cultural terms, the fact that it spans five volumes, covers topics in meticulous scientific depth, and essentially transforms the fundamental approach to modern cooking, makes it a culinary revolution, printed and bound. Not that Nathan Myrvhold, Chris Young, and Maxime Bilet are looking to challenge the basics of cuisine; quite the opposite, they’re looking to explore them more deeply, as deeply as they’ve been explored. And with volumes including History and Fundamentals, Techniques and Equipment, Animals and Plants, Ingredients and Preparations, and Plated Dish Recipes—with a Kitchen Manual, because let's face it, you're out of you're league—they're exploring (and explaining) everything from the hows and whys of traditional methods to the science behind the vanguard techniques of the last 30 years. And all this from a project that began as an exposition of sous vide and food safety (which Myhrvold covers in unprecedented depth in Volume One). Bisected photographs give immediate visual logic to explanations of technique and product, making this an indispensable reference guide for any cook, chef, or visionary looking to keep pace with—or even dream beyond—the technical, conceptual, poetic precision of modern cuisine.