India Cookbook

India Cookbook is comprehensive—and it isn’t afraid to brag about it. Billed as “the only book on Indian food you’ll ever need” on its front cover, this impressive work from cookbook author and University of New Delhi professor is appropriately culinary and scholarly. An info-packed introduction explains some of the history of Indian food (influenced by Greek envoys, Arab traders, Portugeuse explorers, and, of course, the British) as well as its medicinal, regional, spiritual, and cultural characteristics. From there, Pant delves immediately into the over 700 pages of recipes (a strong argument for the “only book on Indian food you’ll ever need” idea), from the “heart and soul of Indian cooking” spice blends to chutneys, appetizers, breads, pulses (legumes), desserts, and more. Color photographs of dishes like “Split Red Dal” and “Goan Fish Curry” bring the dishes to vibrant, mouth-watering life.