An Ideal Wine

An Ideal Wine by David Darlington is an in-depth account of the California wine industry and the two conflicting schools of thought in wine making. The book centers on two camps of wine-makers: Randall Grahm, famed winemaker at Bonny Doon Vineyards, and Leo McCloskey, the founder of Enologix, a leading consultancy that helps wineries use scientific techniques to make better wines (some say just to get high scores from Robert Parker). The Grahm camp is made up of vintners fighting to be as “natural” and terroir-driven as possible, allowing for the idiosyncrasies (and complexities) of an environment-driven product. Vintners in the opposite camp are prioritize standardization, consulting Enologix for help with consistency and efficiency. With a primer of who’s who in viticulture today, and a good argument for both the science and art camps of wine making, An Ideal Wine is a must read for anyone drinking wine and hoping to understand the business behind it.