David Burke’s New American Classics

In David Burke's New American Classics, Chef Burke presents a simple step by step process that takes the reader from a basic classical rendition of a dish through the process of innovation to the eponymous phase two of his culinary adventure, “New American Classics.” The final step of the three-pronged process provides options for leftovers, or “Second Day Meals,” as they are called here, which make use of any remaining ingredients or finished product in a decidedly playful and practical way. With Burke’s confident maneuvering, chicken goes from a classic “Farmhouse Style” roast presentation to the contemporary “Seawater-Soaked Chicken with Thyme and Poppy Seed Gnocchi,” while leftover chicken ends up in potato pancakes with apple-sour cream sauce. Burke’s recipes, from French Toast to Pot Roast, all follow this format, providing a convenient procedural guideline for anyone looking to translate the grocery list of one meal into the practice of innovative, resourceful cooking.