Yolo Land Trust

Yolo Land Trust was founded in 1988 to preserve Yolo County’s agricultural and natural resource heritage. Yolo Land Trust conserves Yolo County’s:

  • Agricultural economy and rural character
  • Habitat for endangered plant and wildlife species and the great diversity of creatures that rely upon a virtually undeveloped landscape to thrive and survive
  • Scenic beauty provided by a rural landscape of farms and ranches, views of open space, and enjoyment of small towns and cities.

Yolo Land Trust conserves farm and ranch land by providing farmers and ranchers a viable financial alternative to selling their land for development. Conservation easements can help keep farmers farming, and ranchers ranching. Yolo Land Trust has been extremely successful in leveraging funds from multiple sources to build a conservation portfolio of over 10,000 acres of permanently conserved farmland protected through over 50 conservation easements, and the fee ownership of an easement-protected farm.