Pop-Ups: Bootstrapping in a Tough Economy

From clandestine supper clubs to semi-permanent eateries, pop-ups have become the trend dujour for both diners and chefs. By co-opting unused or underutilized kitchens in loft spaces, cafes, museums, or other restaurants, pop-ups give chefs the opportunity to experiment and take risks without the prohibitive overhead that makes opening a brick and mortar space so challenging. Whether as an extra revenue stream, an artistic statement, or as a way to test out a new concept, pop-ups can be just the ticket for a chef in the red. Join pop-up veterans Joshua Skenes and Noriyukie Sugie in this business panel moderated by food authority Josh Ozersky to learn all the ins and outs of popping up. They will cover finding a space, successful marketing, going full time, and will offer other practical advice for anyone who has considered starting a pop-up.

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