Marin Agricultural Land Trust

For more than 30 years, Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) has worked with local families to save their farms and ranches. Marin’s farms provide delicious milk and cheese, meat, vegetables, fruit and wine to people in the Bay Area and beyond. With the public parks that surround them, farms preserve a contiguous open landscape that is home to abundant wildlife, verdant grasslands, sparkling streams and dense woods. These working landscapes have been faithfully husbanded for many generations alongside nature and create an extraordinary place unlike anywhere else in the world.

Yet this place, where rows of organic lettuce grow alongside spotted owls perched on old growth redwoods, lies perilously at the edge of one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. Holding on to a family farm here can be especially challenging. Every minute of every day we lose more than an acre of farmland across the country. The threat of loss can be a farmer’s constant companion. As fifth-generation rancher Gary Thornton said, “Once it’s covered over, it’s not so easy to pull up asphalt and concrete.”

MALT was formed in 1980 by a coalition of environmentalists and farmers to ensure that when farming families face losing their land to threats such as development and onerous taxes, they have somewhere to turn for help. For three decades MALT has worked with more than 70 farming families to ensure the food and stunning landscape that flourish in Marin will endure for people now and in the future. MALT could not continue its work without the support of people like you. Join us now in saving the farms that need our help. Come to a farm event to learn more or become a member today.