Antoinette Bruno

Antoinette Bruno brings a decade of industry experience to, the first online food magazine launched in 1995. Having worked her way through school at restaurants, Bruno earned a post-graduate degree from the London School of Economics and worked at Salomon Brothers. Bruno left Wall Street to return to her love of food to attend the Chefs' Program at the Ritz Escoffier in Paris, externed in the south of France, and earned her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Bruno fortuitously met the founders—Bob Giraldi, Phil Suarez, Patricia Greaney, and Fern Berman—and worked on the StarChefs business plan in its early days. The mission statement was to give chefs the tools they need to succeed to be the best they can be in this fractious and ever so competitive industry. In 1999 Bruno became CEO of, where she combines her culinary training with her business know-how. In her tenure at StarChefs, Bruno has increased website traffic exponentially and has grown the content library from 4,000 to 29,000 pages.

In 2001 Bruno became Editor-in-Chief, leading StarChefs to become the industry authority on chefs, food trends, and the culinary world. The Rising Star awards were launched in 2003 by Bruno as a platform for young chefs—previously unsung in the culinary world—to be recognized broadly. Today, StarChefs has awarded 347 Rising Star Awards at 26 Rising Star Galas in 15 cities. Seeing a need for a collaborative forum for chefs to come together, Bruno and her partner, Managing Editor Will Blunt, launched the International Chefs Congress in 2006. Today 1500 culinary professionals come together annually to discuss what is going on in the industry, their challenges, new ideas, trends, and to share techniques.

Traveling throughout the country and the world, Bruno and her editorial team are on the ground meeting and tasting the food of countless chefs and other industry players. This first-hand experience is the basis for the content on In 2005 Bruno developed a passion for photography and began to give the StarChefs audience a visual account of what she was experiencing; she continues to do all her own photography on the road. The culture of photography—and now video—has become part of the fabric of the StarChefs publishing philosophy. With the advent of social media, Bruno now tweets all of her tastings, often in the moment, to provide chefs inspiration as they create new dishes.