2009 ICC Press

September 20 - 22, 2009 - New York City

ABC News:Nightline on the Future of Food - Featuring the StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress

ABC News - Nightline
December 21, 2009

Setting the table
How do food trends take hold.

 the new york times

The New York Times
November 16th 2009

Here Nathan Myhrvold, a former chief technology officer at Microsoft, and his company, Intellectual Ventures, pursue an eclectic array of speculative and potentially world-changing ideas — inventing a new battery, taming hurricanes, defeating disease. And here, along with the laser designed to shoot mosquitoes out of the air (a high-speed camera counts the rate of wing-flapping to ensure that innocent insects are not vaporized), is the best-equipped restaurant kitchen anywhere that never serves any customers. more

 Docsconz the Blog on StarChefs.com

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StarChefs ICC 2009 …day 3…..
October 3rd 2009

The day began with legendary Spanish Chef Juan Mari Arzak, taking center Stage to talk about his restaurant, his philosophy, and to demonstrate two of his signature dishes. Arzak spoke of his restaurant, which he calls his home…[more]

StarChefs ICC 2009 ..Day 2
October 2nd 2009

The strong start of the congress this year continued on day 2 and 3 with a line up of culinary all stars and demos that pretty much kept most of us in our seats…[more]

StarChefs ICC 2009…. Day one…
September 30th 2009

Trying to keep this post in reasonable size seems impossible … I will try to do my best to bring a little bit of NYC energy from this unique event so… here we go…

First day…Always eager to watch the keynote …Antoinette and Will put up a lot of work and its so much more than a trends survey…. Its a snapshot of whats going in the industry regardless of region … [more]

 Docsconz the Blog on StarChefs.com

Docsconz the Blog
September 27th 2009

With so many great restaurants and tastes experienced over the past week, it has been nearly impossible to choose a single Taste of the Week. However, there was one taste that was so seminal and unusual (not to mention very, very good) and so unlikely to ever have again, that it must get my nod. That would be the tuna vertebral disk jelly prepared and served by Dave Arnold and Nils Noren during their demonstration at the StarChefs ICC this past Tuesday.


September 27th, 2009

This is the third time I have gone to StarChefs, which is a three-day event of demonstrations and speakers from the culinary world. The last two times had some great topics and I came away with a head full of ideas. Not food ideas, but ideas and thoughts about the restaurant industry as a whole and how we fit into it.

 Docsconz the Blog on StarChefs.com

Docsconz the Blog

StarChefs ICC 2009 Day Three - An Overview
September 25th 2009

The first presentation of the day on the main stage belonged to one of my culinary idols, the father of modern Spanish gastronomy, Juan Mari Arzak. Arzak opened speaking about the history of his restaurant as well as the passage of the mantel to his daughter Elena. Following that, Arzak's assistant Igor Zalakain, prepared a number of dishes featuring techniques from the vast Arzak arsenal. [more]

StarChefs ICC 2009 Day Two - An Overview
September 23rd 2009

At the same time as Torreblanca, Ruben Garcia and Dr. Cesar Vega from Jose Andres' ThinkFoodGroup in Washington, D.C. gave a workshop on handling and using liquid nitrogen. One of the techniques they showed was how to use a spoon to shape liquid chocolate by dipping it into the ultra-cold nitrogen. [more]

StarChefs Day 1 - Arnold & Noren: The FX Revolution
October 4th 2009

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to every workshop or demo at the 4th Annual Starchefs International Chefs Congress. That is essentially impossible to do, as much as I would like to. As such, I had to pick and choose and picked those subjects that I am most interested in. [more]


September 24th 2009

Just got home from New York last night for the 4th annual (and my third) International Chefs Congress. Many thanks to Antoinette, Will, and staff for putting on another greatly inspiring and motivational show.

 the game

September 24th, 2009

Jenny catches up with Alex Stupak, pastry chef at WD-50, for a quick interview at StarChefs’ International Chefs Congress in NYC.

 Time Out New York Marketing

Time Out New York
September 22nd, 2009

An oak-paneled salon room at the ancient Park Avenue Armory was the perfect milieu for Mixologist/Apothéke co-owner Albert Trummer to demo his chemist’s approach to cocktails, and to show off some funky labware that any 19th-century scientist would envy.

 The Feedbag on StarChefs.com

The Feedbag
September 22nd, 2009

The StarChefs Congress has been abuzz for going on two days, and there’s still this afternoon left, but it seems unlikely than anything will be more interesting, in terms of sheer drama, than the panel on “When To Walk Away From a Deal” today. The participants — Akthar Nawab, Josh DeChellis, Joe Isidori, Paul Liebrandt, and Norman Van Aken from Miami.....

 James Beard Foundation on StarChefs.com

James Beard Foundation
September 22nd 2009

A demonstration by David Bouley followed, which focused on Japanese technique in the context of his Japanese-French fusion. While preparing an uni terrine and miso black cod with black onion powder, Bouley marveled at the variety of ingredients available to American chefs today, recalling that he couldn’t find fresh herbs when he was cooking in the ’80s.

 Miami New Times on StarChefs.com

Miami New Times
September 21st, 2009

The first day of StarChefs.com's International Chefs Congress festivities in New York City proved to be illuminating for food bloggers.

 Food and Beverage on StarChefs.com

Food and Beverage
September 2009

Editor-in-Chief Antoinette Bruno and Managing Editor Will Blunt founded the International Chefs Congress in response to a growing frustration within the chef community with the lack of serious platforms for peer-to-peer dialogue about the latest ideas, trends, and everyday challenges of the increasingly complex culinary industry.

 The Feedbag on StarChefs.com

The Feedbag
September 16th, 2009

The 3-day culinary symposium which centers around the theme "What is American Cuisine?" will feature over 70 culinary luminaries from around the world, including Emeril Lagasse, Masahara Morimoto, Paco Torreblanca, Pierre Gagnaire, Daniel Boulud, Jose Andres, Marcus Samuelsson Grant Achatz, David Bouley, Juan Mari Arzak, and Charlie Trotter.

 The Village Voice on StarChefs.com

Village Voice
September 15th, 2009

The StarChefs International Chefs Congress, which will hold its fourth annual gathering next week, is a fairly big deal among food industry types, replete as it is with big-name panel discussions, demonstrations, and its Rising Stars awards...

 Total Food Service

Total Food Service
September 14th, 2009

...StarChefs events are about experiencing the best culinary talent of one city in one night. Unlike a food service or charity event, top chefs prepare fully composed hi-concept dishes.

 The Feedbag on StarChefs.com

The Feedbag
September 14th, 2009

The annual StarChefs Congress is one of the industry’s major meet-and-greet events, aside from its colloquium aspects. Everybody comes, and the drama often makes waves. Who can forget Marco Pierre White’s smackdown of tasting menus last year?

 Zagat on StarChefs.com

Zagat Buzz
September 4th, 2009

This year’s fest asks the question, "What is American cuisine?" Participants include: Eric and Bruce Bromberg of the Blue Ribbon restaurants; Richard Blais of Trail Blais; Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit; and mixologist Albert Trummer of Apothéke.