Chef William Kovel of Catalyst - Biography

Cambridge, MA

April 2012

Chef and Owner William Kovel has a thing for England, both old and New. Growing up in Connecticut, Kovel received his culinary degree from Southern New Hampshire University, but quickly left for San Francisco (where he worked at Jardinere), and later London. When he finally returned to New England, Kovel’s experiences in California and abroad instilled a need to use only local, sustainable seafood and produce.

He soon joined the team at Radius, climbing from line cook to sous chef and working with 2009 New York City Rising Star Patrick Connolly. Kovel then returned to London, where he worked at the Michelin-starred Orrery. While there he refined his technique, returning to New England to work at Aujourd’hui. In June 2009, when Aujourd’hui closed, Kovel was finally ready for his own venture, opening Catalyst in Cambridge, Massachusetts, two years later.