Chef Wade Moises of Rosemary's - Biography

New York, New York

March 2013

After working the line at numerous restaurants in Vail, Colorado, Wade Moises craved a culinary education. He set his sights on the prestigious Culinary Institute of America moving to New York in 1995. A first-rate culinary degree and deep-seeded passion for rustic Italian cuisine led Moises to Chef Mario Batali’s Babbo. Working with the Italian master enhanced and deepened Moises’ understanding of Italian flavors and cuisine. Chef Batali recogznied the enthusiastic and driven chef’s efforts and eventually asked him to head his new restaurant Lupa in 2001.

He embraced his new position at Lupa, but eventually craved a change of scenery and moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2004 to become the Executive Chef at Sassi. It was outside of the big city that enabled Moises to cultivate seasonal and local ingredient-driven menus. In 2009, he launched his own venture, Pasta Bar, where he rolled out some of the best pasta in downtown Phoenix. He later returned to New York to reunite with his mentor and friend, Mario Batali to become a Chef at Eataly.

He reconnected to his locavore roots in 2012 becoming the Executive Chef at Rosemary’s in the West Village where he alternates his time in the kitchen and maintaining the rooftop farm in order to create seasonal Italian dishes with a technique driven spin.