Chef Vanarin Kuch of Tiny Boxwoods - Biography

Houston, TX

February 2011

Food has always played a critical role in Pastry Chef Vanarin Kuch’s life—it serves him as a medium for self expression and ties him to the deep roots of his family. Kuch, the child of Cambodian refugees, comes from a family that consistently honored their rich culinary heritage with extensive, exquisite family meals. For Kuch, the desire to cook stemmed from his joy in gathering around a table with his family and knowing how much love they shared.

After graduating with honors from The Art Institute of Houston, Kuch pursued a career in savory cooking at Bank at the Hotel Icon. It wasn’t until he signed on for a semester at Rice University, working as a baker and pastry cook, that something sweet clicked for Kuch. Once that semester at Rice University ended, Kuch almost immediately leapt at the opportunity to join the pastry staff at the Hotel Zaza, beginning as an assistant to their new pastry chef and eventually leading the pastry team himself.

Today, Kuch can be found at Tiny Boxwoods, a hidden gem in the rambles of urban Houston. Tiny Boxwoods offers city dwellers a taste of country life, situated in the garden of the owner’s nursery. With total freedom to design the pastry program, Kuch has blossomed, serving thoughtful desserts with international flavor profiles. As his family did for him, Kuch does for diners: he spreads love around a table, one dessert at a time.