Mixologist Theo Lieberman of Milk and Honey - Biography

Manhattan, NY

May 2013

New York City native Theo Lieberman grew up in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and while attending college just north of the City, began his mixology career with a bartending invitation from a friend. Encouraged to join the opening team at Raines Law Room in 2008, Lieberman immediately fell in love with the speakeasy culture. While tending at private parties for Raines, Lieberman developed relationships with the likes of Karin Stanley, Sasha Petraske, and Meaghan Dorman, which later turned into formidable career opportunities.

In 2010, while mixing at the John Dory, Meaghan Dorman introduced Lieberman to Milk and Honey, where he began working as a bartender. Only months later Dorman asked Lieberman to help open Lantern’s Keep. After two years Petraske opened Milk and Honey at its new location in the Flatiron district, where Lieberman is now head bartender. He was a finalist in both the 2011 Cocktail World Cup and 2011 Canton Bartender of the Year competitions and continues to push traditional mixology with his own flair at Milk and Honey’s new Flatiron location and Lantern’s Keep.