Chef Steve Haritopoulos of Fatty 'Cue - Biography

New York, NY

August 2012

Fatty ‘Cue Chef de Cuisine and Pit Master Steve Haritopoulos has been in the kitchen since he was 9 years old, watching his father cook during the breakfast shift with impressive speed and accuracy. He remembers sitting next to a sack of potatoes and observing the rush of tickets as they rolled onto the line, the controlled chaos and buzzing hum of a brisk, well worked restaurant morning shift. And unlike most kids, Haritopoulos’s first instinct wasn’t boredom—or even fear. He craved the day he could be at the helm of his own clamorous kitchen, enjoying the adrenaline rush as 20 tickets piled in and he made his way out of it alive.

Not that Haritopoulos is in it for adrenaline alone. The French Culinary Institute-trained chef takes as much pleasure in the cerebral end of chefdom, developing a menu and handling product with the appropriate care. Now at the helm of the food and fires of Zak Pelaccio’s West Village Fatty ‘Cue, he combines that love of professional kitchen sportsmanship with an exotic, idiosyncratic, and meticulous approach to the restaurant’s eclectic Southeast Asian menu.