Chef Stefan Bahr of Metrazur - Biography

New York, New York

August 2010

Stefan Bahr was trained in the old school, Old World fashion: as a child in his grandmother’s kitchen, and then as an apprentice when he was just 15 years old. Food was always an important part of Bahr’s life; his father was a fruit importer, so fresh and seasonal was a given and a must for the Bahr family.

The budding chef was raised in the lakeside town of Klagenfurt in the south of Austria. His gastronomic gusto took him far from home; he continued his kitchen training in restaurants in Switzerland and England, and to warmer climes on the African continent, specifically Swaziland and South Africa.

Bahr then heard the call of the New World and settled down in the States-side culinary mecca of New York City. He worked at Palio and Cité before helming the kitchen at Arizona 206, where Bahr grew to love the simplicity and straightforward flavors of Southwestern style cuisine. Bahr then transitioned to Charlie Palmer’s Grand Central prize, Métrazur, where he is now executive chef. Here Bahr feels at home with Chef Palmer’s respect for peak ingredients blended into a distinct brand of progressive American cuisine.