Smarel Nicole Brown of Dellz Vibez - Biography

Charleston, SC

February 2014

Smarel Nicole Brown doesn’t just consider herself a raw food chef and holistic health coach—she’s a self-described “chef of dreams.” And she got an early start applying that idea, becoming a Youth Advisory Board President at just 15 organizing canned food drives, mentor programs, and after school programs for inner city youth in her local Kansas City, Missouri, community, while at the same time expanding her creative energies with local non profits.

Moving to Charleston, South Carolina, in 2007, Brown watched as her family hatched its plan to open local eateries (her mother, Maudell, ultimately opened Dellz Deli with a single paycheck). After going through several key life transitions, Brown became more concerned with the holistic aspect of living, and felt the need for it both for her newfound Charleston home and for herself.

Having found a clear association between the lowest points of her life and the quality of her diet, Brown devoted herself to a vegan diet as part of a larger perspective shift. The idea wasn’t sanctimonious, label-based, or even fundamentally eco-conscious; it was about eating what made her body and mind feel good. Now a practicing holistic health expert and raw food chef, Brown is at the helm of the juicing arm of the family food business, running the program at Dellz Vibez in downtown Charleston. When she’s not tweaking the menu or sourcing the best local, organic produce she can find, Brown is either working at any of the other family outlets or spending her time—writing, meditating, travelling, researching, eating new foods, salsa dancing, or finding (and creating) new outlets for inspiration.