Rising Star Chef Sharon Hage - Biography

November 2011

Sharon Hage was born in Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1984. After graduation she began working in clubs and hotels in the Dallas area for two years until she decided to move to New York and expand her culinary horizons for a few years, most notably at Arizona 206 under Brendan Walsh. Hage’s first chef position was at Sam’s Café in the Upper East Side. She returned to Dallas ready to hold the executive chef positions at Harvey Hotels and Neiman Marcus, as well as the French boutique Hotel St. Germain.

In 2001 Hage bought the existing restaurant York Street and turned it into a favorite destination for working chefs and food industry professionals in Dallas. In what feels like the same school as Café Paradiso and Chez Panisse, York Street’s product-driven menu conveyed a generosity and spontaneity from the kitchen to the table. Though her background is in small and large hotels, Hage’s restaurant, philosophy, and minuscule kitchen were the very antithesis. Sharon’s menu reflected her strong commitment to sustainability with and strictly seasonal dishes set the standard for a sustainable kitchen and earned her a 2007 StarChefs.com Dallas Sustainability Chef Award.

Hage closed her beloved Dallas restaurant in late 2010 and is currently hosting charity dinners and special events.