Rising Star Chef Sean Griffin of BELLAGIO - Biography

Las Vegas, NV

November 2011

Growing up in a restaurant family in California, 2005 Las Vegas Rising Star Chef Sean Griffin learned every aspect of running a fine dining restaurant. His father owned three restaurants and was a consummate perfectionist who drove Griffin to settle for nothing short of the best. His father passed away when Griffin was 21 and, along with his mother and brother, Griffin was left with the daunting task of running a restaurant and nightclub. The hours were long, and the stress level was high. When their lease expired, they decided to walk away from the business.

After a series of unfulfilling chef positions at several local establishments, Griffin was determined to begin anew at finer restaurants. Taking a cook position at the Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, California, he worked his way through every station on the hot line and came in on days off to learn the cold line. Chef Gary Palm recognized his drive, and a year after working there, Griffin was promoted to chef of Duanes.

Griffin advanced his career to the next level at the Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, once again taking a step back to better educate himself. He was hired as a lead line cook in Gardens, the fine dining room, and after 10 months was promoted to dining room chef. Griffin worked under Chef Conny Andersson, who gave him complete control of the menu. Frequent trips to the farmers’ market sparked his creativity, and he changed the menu daily according to the market’s bounty.

While at the Four Seasons, Griffin had the opportunity to stage with several renowned chefs including Thomas Keller, Rick Tramonto, Charlie Trotter, Sarah Stegner (The Dining Room), Phillipe Legendre (George V), Alain Giraurd (Bastide), and the chefs of the Four Seasons New York, Chicago, Santa Barbara, Newport, and San Diego.
Griffin joined Neros at Caesars Palace in 2003, taking a classic steakhouse and turning it into a fine dining experience under the guise of a steakhouse. His approach was creative without being intimidating. In 2007 he decided it was time to move on, and moved to Scottsdale, AZ and a position as Executive Chef at Bourbon Steak. After two years he headed back to Vegas and today he can be found at the Bellaggio Hotel.