Chef Scott Peacock of Watershed - Biography

Chicago, IL

March 2012

When Scott Peacock took the chef position at the Georgia’s Governor Mansion, he wasn’t cooking the regional classics he puts out today at Watershed. In the Greek Revival home, behind the redwood Doric columns of Paces Ferry Road, Peacock stuck to a classic French repertoire. It wasn’t just that nobody wanted Southern food (and nobody wanted Southern food)–Peacock had grown up watching Julia Child on TV and fallen for her cooking.

Born and raised in Alabama, Peacock took his first industry job as pastry chef at The Golden Pheasant in Tallahassee, Florida, where he sailed an ocean of mother sauces on a swan-shaped boat of puff pastry. From there, Peacock moved to Atlanta to cook for the governor.

Peacock co-founded The Society for the Revival and Preservation of Southern Cooking and opened Watershed in 1999. The converted petrol station, with its exposed ductwork and intact garage doors, is barely decorated with blue glass vases and flowers. While Atlanta makes its mark for Modern American cuisine, Peacock makes Southern food Southern, without a fuss.