Chef Scott Dolich of The Bent Brick - Biography

Portland, OR

September 2011

Scott Dolich worked earlier in his career with renowned Chef Bradley Ogden at Lark Creek Inn in California. Elements that now characterize Dolich’s food philosophies were honed under Ogden. "Brad's emphasis on local ingredients and connection to place really hit home with me,” says Dolich.

Drawn by the abundant local produce of the Northwest, Dolich moved to Portland in 1993. He began working with many of the leading chefs and restaurateurs in Portland at the time, including David Machado, Chef-owner of Lauro; Cory Schreiber, Chef-owner of Wildwood, and Greg Higgins, Chef-owner of Higgins. It wasn't long before he accepted a position as executive chef at Northwest neighborhood restaurant Tapeo.

In 2003, Dolich realized a long-held desire and opened Park Kitchen. The restaurant expresses his love of cooking and respect for the integrity of local ingredients in a menu that is reflective of the changing seasons. In 2011, Dolich added a second restaurant to his repertoire, The Bent Brick. Here the focus remains on domestic-only products, eschewing the standards of many kitchens in favor of locally-sourced American products.