Chef Roland Trettl of Hangar-7 - Biography

Salzburg, Austria

July 2011

Roland Trettl was born and raised in South Tyrol. He soon knew what he wanted to be: either a professional ice-hockey player, or a chef. Lucky for all gourmets that he chose the culinary path. In 1987 Trettl begins his training at Parkhotel Bolzano before he moved on to the distinguished Restaurant Amadé, among the best two establishments in the area. But Trettl wanted more. He looked beyond the Alpine Arc, to Munich, where a top chefs have established haute cuisine in the Bavarian capital and has been re-inventing it for the past few years.

After four years working at Ca Puer in Mallorca, Trettl embraced Asian flavor sin Tokyo at the Marine Terrace restaurant. The next phase of his life found Trettl on a culinary learning journey, at the behest of Eckart Witzigmann. Traveling with some of the world’s hottest chefs, Trettl spent up to one hundred days a year in airports and the kitchens of other chefs to learn from them for Restaurant Ikarus. Now chef at the inventive Teatro di Piaceri, Trettl combines his instinct for elegance with a well-traveled, well-seasoned culinary intuition.