Sommelier Roger Dagorn of Porter House New York - Biography

New York, NY

July 2011

Roger Dagorn is one of only 180 Master Sommeliers in the world which, in his case, was probably inevitable. Since his career began, Dagorn has accumulated scores of accolades, including the title of “Sake Samurai” (awarded to the sake-savvy somm in 2008 by the Japan Sake Brewers Association, making him one of only 22 so titled in the world, and one of eight in America). Dagorn was born a natural. And he plied his gifted palate for 16 years at the famed, lamented Chanterelle, providing exquisite pairings and innovative, sold-out wine dinners.

When he wasn’t pairing or piquing palates, Dagorn traveled the world, earning titles and respect for his oenophile abilities. He represented the United States as a contestant in the international Concours Mondial Des Sommeliers VI, and served as a judge at the Courcours VIII in Japan. In both 1987 and 1988, he was the first runner up the national finals of the Best Sommelier of French Wine and Spirits. In 1991, Chefs in America honored him as Best Sommelier in New York; only a few years later, the New York Press bestowed the same recognition. And in 1996, the James Beard Foundation capped off the recognition with their Outstanding Wine Service Award.

Over the years, Dagorn expanded his craft in a few other demanding operations. He served as sommelier at haute-Mandarin Tse Yang, restaurant director at l’Ecole, the restaurant of the French Culinary Institute, and sommelier at the Hotel Parker Meridien in New York City. Currently, beyond consultation work, lecturing, and acting as wine director of Porter House in New York, Dagorn shares his extensive knowledge as Adjunct Professor on Wine Education at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY.