Chef Rodrigo Oliveira of Mocotó - Biography

Vila Medeiros, São Paulo, Brazil

May 2011

Originally founded as a grocery store by José Oliveira de Almeida, the nondescript Mocotó has served Northeastern Brazilian (Amazonian) cuisine to lines of patrons for close to four decades. And when de Almeida’s son, Chef Rodrigo Oliveira took over the restaurant, he transformed the little known São Paulo gem into a major food destination. Prazeres da Mesa, Brazil’s primary gastronomic magazine, awarded Oliveira Best New Chef in 2008, and Mocotó, Best Brazilian Cuisine Restaurant in 2010. Additionally, Mocotó has been written up in publications such as Food and Wine, The Wall Street Journal, Le Figaro, and El País. In 2010, Oliveira participated in the Park Hyatt Masters of Food and Wine Mendoza, bringing the cuisine of the Amazon to a new international audience.