Chef Richard Corrigan of Lindsay House - Biography

London , W1 UK

October 2011

Born in Dublin, Richard Corrigan started his career at the age of 14 as a trainee chef at the Kirwin Hotel in his hometown of Athboy, County Meath, Ireland. At 17, he moved to Holland to further develop his kitchen skills, and he remained there for four years, working in various hotels and restaurants.

Corrigan arrived in London in 1985 at the age of 21 to work with Michel Lorrain at the Meridian Hotel in Piccadilly. He went on to gain critical and public success while working in such establishments as Blandford Street, Mulligan’s, Bentleys, and Fulham Road. He launched Searcy’s at the Barbican in 1996 and then opened Lindsay House in Soho the following year.

At Lindsay House, Corrigan’s Celtic roots are evident in a menu of earthy and robust tastes and textures. The restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star in January 1999. In March 2000, Richard Corrigan was awarded “Outstanding London Chef” at the Carlton London Restaurant Awards. In 2003 Lindsay House was nominated for the Carlton Pepe British Restaurant of the Year award.

Corrigan is also a consultant to British Airways on their Culinary Council, advising on in-flight menus. His first cookbook, From the Waters and the Wild, was published in 1999. Richard is married with three children and lives in London.