Sommelier Reno De Ranieri of Pêche - Biography

New Orleans, LA

January 2016

Wine may as well have been water in Reno De Ranieri’s Italian family. His Grandfather made garage wine, and he grew up mixing it with water at the dinner table. Raised in the Bay Area, De Ranieri was drawn to the hospitality industry early, beginning work in restaurants at 16, and continuing through his studies at the University of California Los Angeles. 

In 2005, De Ranieri uprooted his life from California and planted himself—and a fledgling career—in New Orleans. Landing at Restaurant Cuvée, he began to expand his wine knowledge with their Burgundy-heavy list and staff as his guides. He moved from bar manager to sommelier before joining the team at Herbsaint, where, as general manager, he helped further develop the beverage program. In 2014, he took on the role of Link Restaurant Group’s wine and beverage director, expanding his scope and growing along with the restaurant group. 

De Ranieri’s programs at Herbsaint, Cochon, Cochon Butcher, Calcasieu, and Pêche are distinct but cohesive, focusing on high-acid, low-alcohol wines that are food friendly and speak of the place they’re from. It’s a refreshing, honest approach that tends to keep his lists tight, fluid, and heavily Old World. Whether he’s highlighting a small Chenin Blanc producer or a 100 percent Clairette bottling from the Rhône, De Ranieri strives to create memorable dining experiences that respect the deep culinary heritage of New Orleans.