Pastry Chef Kady Yon - Biography

January 2011

Born in Hong Kong, but raised in McHenry, Illinois, Pastry Chef Kady Yon was studying International Studies and Law at the University of Iowa when she decided to pursue a career in pastry. She had been given a copy of a Charlie Trotter cookbook and was floored. Without any formal training, Yon instinctively decided to pursue her passion for food and secured a position working with Chef Bill Kim at Le Lan.

She also spent a brief stint at The Four Seasons. Soon though, Yon decided to focus on desserts at Charlie Trotter’s. After first working under the restaurant’s long-time pastry chef Della Gossett, Yon went on to become the pastry chef of this award-winning restaurant. In 2010, Yon joined the Boka Restaurant Group as Boka’s pastry chef. Yon’s desserts showcase an impressive restraint and a focus on clean flavors and presentation.