Chef Oliver Beckert of Yew Restaurant and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver - Biography

Vancouver, BC

June 2011

Executive Chef Oliver Beckert’s upbringing in the mountain ranges of Europe instilled in him a fine-tuned sense of hospitality, which he has brought with him to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest—and with it a determination to show downtown Vancouver a very good time.

Chef Beckert came to Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver after working for Four Seasons in Hawaii, Miami, Washington, DC, London and New York. At the restaurant where he currently presides as executive chef, Yew Restaurant and Bar, Beckert has come prepared with the confidence and experience to delineate from the traditional Four Seasons dining experience. From fun themed promotions to oyster and wine specials, to Beckert’s German interpretation of fried chicken, or a complimentary basket-full of doughnuts at brunch, Beckert has gone the distance to create a one-of-a-kind experience for his diners, by laying the table with an Alpine sense of willkommen.