Rising Star Chef Noah Bernamoff of Black Seed Bagels - Biography

New York, NY

August 2014

Noah Bernamoff got his start in his Nana’s kitchen, absorbing the kind of easy, native respect for real food that comes from home. Home was also vibrant, food-rich Montreal. Though Bernamoff initially put food aside for a more practical future in jurisprudence, it was while attending law school in New York that Bernamoff realized he couldn’t ignore the foods of his youth—specifically the specialties of Montreal’s Jewish delis.

Bernamoff, his wife Rae Cohen, and friend Joel Tietolman cooked up the idea of Montreal-style smoked meats shop in Brooklyn, and the trio opened Mile End Delicatessen in 2010. Bernamoff built a reputation on responsibly sourced meats and Old World technique, ushering in a modern era for New York deli dining.

Next, he launched Mile End Sandwich in New York’s NoHo in summer 2012 and published The Mile End Cookbook with Cohen that fall. When Hurricane Sandy hit, the Mile End smokehouse and bakery on Pier 41 were destroyed, but Bernamoff came back stronger than ever. He reformulated his business structure and, with partner Matt Kliegman, came up with the idea for his Montreal-in-New York bagel outlet Black Seed. Bernamoff continues to shape the city’s culinary landscape, hosting dinners at the James Beard House and participating in food events around New York. He was named StarChefs.com Rising Star Restaurateur in 2013.