Nils Norén of The International Culinary Center - Biography

New York, NY

August 2010

A graduate of culinary school in his hometown of Gävle, Sweden, Nils Norén served as the educational coordinator of cooking classes for Restaurant Akademin in Stockholm and spent several years working in many of the city’s finest restaurants. He served as executive chef at Restaurant Riche and as chef de cuisine at Restaurant KB, one of the country’s classic Swedish—not to mention Michelin-starred—restaurants, before moving to the US and to join the kitchen staff at New York’s Aquavit.

Norén served as the chef de cuisine of Aquavit for five years, working side-by-side with chef and co-owner Marcus Samuelsson before being promoted to executive chef in 2003. After ten years of service, Norén left the restaurant in 2006 to accept a prestigious appointment as Vice President of Culinary Arts for The French Culinary Institute’s culinary, pastry, bread, and Italian food departments. He has traveled extensively across the globe and has cooked in every continent, except Antarctica. Norén provides the culinary foundation for Arnold’s techno-whiz endeavors; the two are FCI’s dynamic duo, bravely exploring the future of food.