Chef Mike Poiarkoff of Vinegar Hill House - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

August 2014

Born into a family of cooks and bakers, Mike Poiarkoff got the kind of homespun education that makes a child a cook for life. From pierogi and marzipan for the dinner table to sauerkraut and seasonal preserves for events catered by his father, Poiarkoff learned that the best food is made with patience and attention to detail.

Studying studio art and creative writing at Seton Hill University, just outside of his Pittsburgh hometown, Poiarkoff decided to make the move to Brooklyn to pursue a career in the kitchen. With an apprenticeship under Chef Matt Greco at Char No. 4, Poiarkoff honed his skills in classic charcuterie, smoked meats, and utilization of local product. He ended his tenure as executive chef of Char No. 4 in August 2013, moving to Vinegar Hill House, where he brings his love of local sourcing, whole animals, and simplicity to the kitchen’s wood burning oven and high-end, home-style feel.