Wine Director Michael McCaulley of Tria - Biography

Philadelphia, PA

December 2012

Wine Director Michael McCaulley says he got into vino by accident. Fifteen years old and working at a fine-dining restaurant’s wine cellar one Friday night, McCaulley dropped a $100 bottle of wine and nearly split his head open. After a brief visit to the emergency room, and a hard-nosed (or -headed) decision to return to work that night, McCaulley was granted the wish of any budding sommelier: he could open and taste any bottle in the restaurant. McCaulley chose a 1908 Madeira (based mainly on the hand-painted bottle). The experience helped land McCaulley expanded responsibilities at the restaurant, helping to open and pour bottles.

Ever since, McCaulley’s traveled extensively, both throughout Spain and Africa, and expanded his palate and wine knowledge. He’s since netted a 2011 James Beard nomination for Wine Service. Today as co-owner of Tria—which includes two cafés, a wine room, and a fermentation school that teaches introductory and master beer, wine, and cheese classes—McCaulley’s place at the top of the wine heap in Philadelphia is no accident.