Rising Star Chef Mayumi Hattori of Straight Wharf - Biography

Nantucket, MA

March 2014

Mayumi Hattori had all the foundations of a would-be chef—an early, innate affinity for cooking; a rich cultural food heritage; and a grandmother eager for her help in the kitchen. But, like many chefs, it would take some years for Hattori’s passion to crystallize (26, to be precise). Hattori realized her job in retail management was not fulfilling and decided to make a change.

Graduating from the California Culinary Academy in 2002, Hattori honed her craft under mentors Chef Alex Scrimger in Los Angeles, Amanda Lydon, and 2006 Boston Rising Star Chef Gabriel Frasca in Boston. Hattori briefly staged at other restaurants in Los Angeles, including Lucques, A.O.C, and Providence. She has also worked for Tony Maws at Craigie Street Bistrot (now Craigie on Main) and Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer at Toro. Finally finding a home on the East Coast, and at the helm of Frasca’s Straight Warf in Nantucket, Hattori’s early interactions with food are having their impact, coalescing with years of formal training. The result is a Zen-like sensibility with refined, New England cuisine that at its best is pure and un-manipulated. In 2014, Hattori won the StarChefs.com Coastal Nee England Rising Star Chef Award.