Pastry Chef Maximo Carmona-Rivera of Lacroix - Biography

Philadelphia, PA

December 2010
Maximo Carmona-Rivera has been elevating the pastry scene in Pennsylvania for the last several years. He graduated from the York Technical Institute for the Pastry Arts, located in Lancaster, PA, in 2004 and interned at the Rittenhouse Hotel. During his internship, he worked under Pastry Chef Frederick Ortega and continued under Ortega’s tutelage for two years. While working at Rittenhouse, Carmona met Pastry Chef Peter Scarola, who he followed to The Inn at St. Peter’s Village in 2006. Over the course of two years he made his way to the pastry sous chef position. Carmona traveled abroad to San Sebastián where he staged at Chef Martin Berasategui’s restaurant Kursall. Upon his return to the US Carmona returned to the Rittenhouse to work under Chef Ortega once again as restaurant pastry chef at the hotel’s flagship restaurant Lacroix.