Chef Matthew Wilkinson of Circa, the Prince - Biography

Melbourne, Australia

June 2010

Chef Matt Wilkinson is no stranger to the land; he spent his childhood hunting rabbit in South Yorkshire, borrowing rifles from his friends and hitting the wilds of rural England to his parents’ mild discomfort. Transplanted to the terrain of Australia, with its sparser pastures than the copious English countryside, Wilkinson still revels in the plenty of nature, a joy he brings to the entire staff of Circa, the Prince. Whether he’s skinning wild-caught hare to demonstrate the “lost art of butchering” to his sous chefs or hosting monthly banquets exclusively featuring produce from the restaurant’s kitchen garden, Wilkinson is all about hands-on experience with the products. The Circa kitchen garden boasts over 50 types of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and while it could barely come close to stocking the restaurant’s pantry, Wilkinson uses it as much as a source of inspiration, and a teaching tool. Most recently Wilkinson participated in the Melbourne Wine and Food Festival, hosting a Circa BBQ on the rooftop garden of the Prince. A relatively young chef, his cuisine is one of the strongest expressions of Australian terroir we’ve encountered. Whether he stays put or travels the world, we’re excited to see what comes next for the chef.