Chef Matt Gennuso - Biography

April 2014

Rhode Island native Matt Gennuso has traveled far and wide to learn all he could about food then trek back home to share his cuisine with Providence.

Gennuso’s journey began at the Culinary Institute of America after attending University of Rhode Island. He then moved across the country to work for Chef Paul Bertolli at Chez Panisse. In New York City, he worked for Chef Danny Meyer before traveling to Holland and finally back home to New England. In Boston, Gennuso worked at Hamersley’s Bistro where he honed his butchery skills—a first step toward curing his own meats and experimenting with charcuterie. In 2003 Gennuso opened Chez Pascal where he features local produce in his French-inspired seasonal menu (he even harvests his own potatoes at local farms), raising the bar for restaurants in Providence. Not only that, in 2009 he started selling his sausages from a truck, called Hewtin’s Dogs to cast a wider net for patrons outside their immediate neighborhood.