Chef Martin Loacker of Loacker Moccaria Bolzano - Biography

Bolzano, Italy

July 2011

Pastry Chef Martin Loacker began his career in traditional European fashion, with a three year apprenticeship in Munich. But the career that followed has been anything but typical. In 2001, Loacker was pastry chef at Massari, where he was voted the number-one pastry chef in Italy. Loacker moved on to Laderach in Switzerland for a year before attending the ZDS (Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Sußwarenwirtschaft, or Central College of the German Confectionary Industry)in Solinger, Germany from 2002 to 2004. A year in research and development at confectionary Van Netten in Dortmund, Germany followed, after which Loacker opened Moccaria Loacker, where he oversaw 50 employees. Current CEO of Loacker Moccaria, he is also expanding, with five pastry outlets thus far.

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