Chef Martín Molteni of Puratierra - Biography

Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 2011

Argentine Chef Martín Molteni grew up in a restaurant family and knew he wanted to pursue a chef’s life by the tender age of 12. At 15, Molteni began his culinary studies at the Regency Hotel School in Australia, and upon graduation he returned to Argentina to work at Alkorta and Tagle, Parque de la Costa, Tago Mago, and Lola. Molteni has made the rounds in the culinary competition circuit, participating in the Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry International in 2011; Golden Cap, where he won first, second, and third prizes; and Bocuse d'Or in 2003. He’s served on the juries at Golden Cap, Manos en la Olla, Frankfurt National Concourse Chefs, and Joven Chef del Año. Molteni served as Gatronomic Manager at Mares Sur Hotels in Patagonia, Noroeste, and Pampa Argentina, from 2002 to 2004. And he now works as the head of postgraduate cuisine of CEIG in the Province of Córdoba, and applies his culinary philosophy of using indigenous Argentine ingredients in his Buenos Aires restaurant, Puratierra.