Chef Marcus Eaves of Pied à Terre - Biography

London, UK

March 2012

Sometimes a man chooses his path, and sometimes the path is chosen for him. Born in 1981, Chef Marcus Eaves began his career into food at an early age, watching his father (a chef at a local hotel) work with seasonal produce. Deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps, Eaves attended Stratford-upon-Avon College, studying food preparation and cooking. Sixteen years later he was offered a job at the Michelin-starred Simpsons, under Birmingham Chef Andreas Antona. From there, Eaves worked for a few years at other restaurants before returning, including a brief return to Simpsons, before he finally found his place: at Pied à Terre.

A major fire had gutted the restaurant in 2004, forcing it to close for much that year, but both Eaves and mentor (and then head chef) Shane Osborne helped revitalize the cuisine and lured diners back. It was working for years under Osborne at Pied à Terre helped formulate Eaves’ style—a subdued devotion to modernist technique. Eaves helped open L’Autre Pied with Osborne in 2007, and in 2011 succeeded Osborne as head chef of Pied à Terre after Osborne left the restaurant (and industry) following years of working with multiple severe food allergies. Eaves won his first Michelin star at L’Autre Pied and one at Pied à Terre. While Eaves certainly has big shoes to fill, his confidence is more than evident in his dishes at both restaurants.