Vintner Marco Caprai of Arnaldo Caprai - Biography


September 2012

Marco Caprai initially studied political science, but a life-long interest in winemaking and a dedication to Umbrian terroir convinced him to join the growing family business, and he instead chose to work for his father, Arnaldo Caprai.

Not only has Caprai been working for the winery since 1988, and helping to expand it to more than 375 acres of vineyards, but in 1989 he launched the Sagrantino Project in collaboration with the University of Milan. The goal of this partnership was to explore the previously neglected native varietal, Sagrantino. The collaboration and support of prestigious winemakers and colleagues quickly led to success, transforming a small local reality into an enological phenomenon.

Today, Caprai continues assisting in the development and reclassification of the Montefalco territory suitable for vineyards; he works in conjunction with La Strada del Sagrantino Project, the prime force in propelling the marketing of the territory. He is president of the Vinegrowers of the Provincial Agricultural Union of Perugia, as well as president of the Association of Foodstuffs Industry of Perugia. Formerly the director of the consortium that protects and promotes authentic Montefalco wines and president of the Agri-Foodstuffs Center of Umbria, Caprai has also received the Best Producer award from the Italian Sommelier Association.