Chef Marcia Stein - Biography

October 2011

The link between chefs and philanthropy is an intimate one – food is what sustains the human body after all. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a regular and adequate supply, especially the elderly. That’s where Marcia Stein and Citymeals-on-Wheels comes in: they help make the connections between chefs, philanthropy, and getting much-needed food to New York City’s homebound elderly.

It’s natural that chefs are involved in Citymeals, an organization founded by culinary luminaries Gael Greene and James Beard. Since its inception Citymeals and Executive Director Marcia Stein have been asking New York chefs to donate their time and their food in five annual fundraising events that raise $5 million for Citymeals-on-Wheels.

We talked to Marcia about the history of the organization, their relationship with local chefs, and how chefs and restaurants can join the Citymeals chef-philanthropists.