Chef Liam Mackey of The Nautilus - Biography

Nantucket, MA

August 2013

Over at The Pearl, Chef de Cuisine Liam Mackey, cooks under the guidance of husband-wife owners Chef Seth Raynor and Angela Raynor, bringing global influences to his preparations of local seafood. Mackey, who started cooking as a teenager in Vermont, dropped out of college before returning to the kitchen and finally ending up in culinary school. Post graduation, he interned at the Boarding House and then moved to The Pearl, where he started at a line cook but moved up the ranks to become sous chef. When Raynour launched Corazon del Mar, Mackey stepped up to the plate to take over as chef de cuisine. His hamachi sashimi shimmers with aji amarillo-yuzu emulsion with avocado and cilantro and the Korean Fried Quail (KFQ) packs a wallop of savory, spicy flavor into a tiny package.