Rising Star Chef Koji Terrano of Sushi-Ko Restaurant - Biography

Washington, DC

June 2003

Although he’s spent his entire culinary career working in sushi restaurants, Koji Terano is expanding the boundaries of Japanese cuisine with his creative offerings.

Born in 1975 in Osaka, Japan, Terano began his culinary career at the age of 18 when he began working at Gorohachi, a sushi and fugu restaurant. After three successful years, Terano was encouraged to move forward with his culinary experience and training. With this in mind, he decided to respond to an advertisement that Sushi-Ko placed in a Japanese magazine and in March of 1997, he moved to Washington to join Sushi-Ko’s team.

“Over the past six years Koji has steadily impressed our restaurant’s team with his creativity. We appreciate his ability to transform classic Japanese dishes into new, exciting offerings for Sushi-Ko,” says Daisuke Utagawa, owner and creative director.

His innovative cooking style is having an impact. To showcase Terano’s menu additions, Sushi-Ko launched a new four-course omakase or tasting menu, allowing D.C. diners to more fully experience the true genius of this young chef. His also creative culinary empress won him a 2003 StarChefs.com Rising Stars Award.