Chef Kenichiro Ooe of Kozue at Park Hyatt - Biography

Tokyo, Japan

July 2012

Chef de Cuisine Kenichiro Ooe has worked at many different restaurants in and around Tokyo, familiarizing himself with the varied methods of preparation and cooking. As such, his menu at Kozue at the Park Hyatt hotel reflects his eclectic training: some of his dishes are pure delicate kaiseki; French classicism and country-style Kansai dishes make an appearance in others. He is also one of the government-licensed chefs allowed to serve the potentially deadly Fugu pufferfish. Born in 1960, Ooe began working at 20 years old, first at Honten Hamasaku in the Ginza neighborhood, and then at Kagaya and Shikitei. In 1989, he was named chef de cuisine at Tachikichi, a seafood restaurant known, and then joined the Park Hyatt when it opened in 1994.