Pastry Chef Keegan Gerhard of D Bar Desserts - Biography

Denver, CO

August 2010

Keegan Gerhard’s got a recognizable face, which isn’t surprising considering he’s the host of internationally broadcast “Food Network Challenge” and organizer and emcee for The National Pastry Team Championships. In fact, most people see Gerhard in his classic chef whites, describing the mechanics of a sculpted sugar showpiece and immediately associate him with the world of food. So it may come as a surprise that the chef only entered the kitchen as a way to make money for his original passion: cycling.

Managing the kitchen of a small French bistro in San Diego, Gerhard got his first taste of pastry and never looked back. Used to rigorous physical training, Gerhard was ready to work under celebrated master Pastry Chef Jaquy Pfeiffer. From this revelatory experience, Gerhard worked in some of America’s top kitchens, including Charlie Trotter’s, the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, the Four Seasons Chicago, and eventually to the kitchen of his own dessert restaurant, D Bar Desserts in Denver.

And they may not be Olympic medals, but the accolades have followed him. Gerhard was named one of the nations’ top 10 pastry chefs of 2002 and 2004 by both Chocolatier and Pastry Art & Design. And with his emcee duties on television and at the national pastry team championships, Gerhard is still smack in the middle of high stakes race to the finish line, no helmet required.