Chef Justin Bogle of Gilt Restaurant & Bar - Biography

New York, NY

August 2010

You may not be able to mathematically quantify what makes a great cook, but you can tell what caliber chef Justin Bogle is by taking a look at a few key numbers. In 2009, the chef was 28 when he earned two Michelin stars, just one of six Manhattan chefs to do so. Add it all up and you’ve got a young, highly promising chef on the rise.

Philly-trained, Bogle didn’t necessarily set out to conquer the New York dining scene, but it turns out that’s what he’s doing. A graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Bogle made his start at the highly regarded Alma de Cuba as sous chef under Executive Chef Douglas Rodriguez. From there he moved to Striped Bass, where he worked side by side with 2007 New York Rising Star Chef Christopher Lee developing one of the most successful restaurants in the city.

Bogle came to New York in 2006, finally making a move from the City of Brotherly Love to a city that’s known less for its fraternity and more for its competitive acerbity. But the young chef was up to the competition. He teamed up again with Christopher Lee at Gilt, were he was executive sous chef for two years before taking the helm as executive chef in 2008. With less than a year in that position, Bogle was able to maintain the restaurant’s incredible two Michelin-star rating—while still under 30 years old. But accolades aren’t Bogle’s focus—the food is. And over the course of his career, the chef has evolved a palate that seamlessly incorporates the season’s best products into sophisticated, creative dishes that continue to raise the bar for modern American cuisine.